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Maya and her boyfriend took a vacation on Cape Cod so he could go fishing at the beach. But once the families started to arrive, one mother asked him to move so his fishing hook didn’t hurt her children. But its Maya’s vacation and they were there first, so she refused and they got into a fight. Do you think fishing at the beach while people are there playing and swimming is ok? Does it matter that Maya and her boyfriend were there first?

The Cape Cod Conversation About Fishing

Ayla Brown: And good morning, Maya. How are you? How was your vacation? I heard something happened that you just had to call me about. So what went down at the beach on Cape Cod?

Maya: Oh, my God. I’m still buzzing about it. Me and my boyfriend went to Cape Cod. This will be a nice vacation. And, we’ve never been. It’s a bit of a journey.

Ayla Brown: Where do you live?

Maya: Oh, we live in New Hampshire.

Ayla Brown: Oh, okay So it’s a bit of a journey. I mean, it’s a few hours away for sure.

Maya: It is for us, but we don’t go far usually. My man loves to fish so we usually stay in our area.

Ayla Brown: So you like fishing?

Maya: Yeah, he’s a huge fisher. We love fishing. So, we made our way there to Cape Cod and got out there early to cast a line and I was just chillin on the beach watching him. And then I want to say around 930 or ten, people start coming to the beach, you know, families and stuff

Ayla Brown: It’s the holiday week. I get it.

Maya: Yeah, it was start getting busy, but we got our spot, so I wasn’t too concerned. And then this woman comes up, she has I think an eight or nine year old kid with her and she goes up to my boyfriend. Excuse me, sir, can you please stop fishing? This is not safe. I have a kid. There’s tons of kids around and this is dangerous. And, you know, my boyfriend’s a sweet guy. He was like, Oh, okay. And I jumped out of my chair.

Ayla Brown: Wait. So he was still fishing as people were arriving to the beach and going in the water?

Maya: Yeah

Ayla Brown: I’m not going to say too much, but the hooks could have injured the kids.

“We Were There First”

Maya: I mean, the kids need to just like swim in the ocean. There’s plenty of room to just swim a different way. We were there first, it’s fine. And so that’s what I basically said to her. Oh, no, no, ma’am. And I had a ***** eating grin on my face. I just kept it really nice, but no, we got up early. It’s fine.

Ayla Brown: So you were thinking, Hey, this is my spot. You find somewhere else to fish. I don’t care that there are kids swimming all around the fishing pole. They could get lured in with a hook. It doesn’t matter. Find your own swimming area. Dang. Okay. Yeah. Did that start a fight?

Maya: Oh, no, no. She got pissed, and I was like, Come on, you take your kids somewhere else. Like it’s a kid. Think they’ll be happy wherever. And she got pissed, and she started threatening to go get scissors to cut my partners fishing line and stuff. And I was like, You have too much time on your hands if you’re wasting your morning getting all mad at us and wanting us to leave. It was ridiculous.

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