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Meet Meghan Lynch from East Bridgewater

Some artists learn to love their craft over time, and with practice, gaining confidence. Others, you get the impression, find it as necessary as the air they breathe. Meghan Lynch can’t remember a time she wasn’t singing or performing. There’s documentation of her breathing her art from as far back as preschool. There were choirs, musical theatre productions and songwriting seminars all along her path.

Enter Taylor Swift, and Shania Twain. They mowed down fields and open flood gates for a generation of artists to come, young women in particular. Meghan describes her sound as “young Taylor Swift,” and that characterization is clearly evident in her single release, “Rare.” There’s the story telling, the youthful innocence, the observation and the vocal inflections all somewhat reminescent of Ms. Swift.

The beauty of art is that every creation is completely unique. Of course, there will always be similarities but no 2 pieces of art are exactly the same. This certainly holds true for singer/songwriters. Their influences may be obvious, but their art is their own. Meghan has certainly earned her place as an artist. This talented creator continues to take those breaths, necessary to live her art, her life and her dreams.

  • Music By Meghan

    Meghan wrote “Rare” with another Local Catch artist, Yuping Zu. She says they collaborated virutually, over Zoom. The story behind this single, according to Meghan, is about people we meet and feel connected to. She relayed; “Ever meet someone you felt you knew all your life? There are so many people you come in contact with on a day to day basis. Some of those people may leave a lasting impression and others are just a blur walking a city street. There are people I’ve known for most of my life that I still feel guarded around and those that I’ve met once or twice that I feel I can tell my entire life story to upon first meeting them. It’s so funny how life works that way and I have no true explanation why that’s the case. It’s that warm and safe aura that surrounds certain people completely unbeknownst to them. For me when I find those flickers of connection I want to hold onto it as long as possible because I’ve learned those people are special and incredibly rare.

  • The Lowdown On Lynch

    • Grew up in: East Bridgewater, MA
    • Now lives in: Boston, MA
    • Current Singles: “Rare” and “Just Don’t”
    • What led you to music: I am one of those lucky people who realized exactly what I wanted to do with my life at a very young age. From elementary school through high school I was involved in every choir and musical production available. I found the adrenaline rush of performing addicting and looked for any opportunity to be onstage. After my senior year of college I shifted gears towards songwriting! I went to the Martha’s Vineyard Songwriting Festival two years in a row, the Tin Pan South Songwriting Seminar in Nashville, started mentoring sessions with professional songwriters at the Nashville Songwriters Association International, and moved to Music City.
    • It all started…when?: According to my home videos, I’ve been singing ever since I was really little. I was in my pre-school choir!
    • First country song you learned: When I was super young, I totally raided my mom’s cd collection and I listened to Shania Twain’s “Come On Over” album on repeat. The standouts I’d sing the most were “Man! I Feel Like A Woman”, “Honey I’m Home”, and “You’re Still The One”
    • Instruments Played: Piano
    • How would you describe your sound: Today my style is definitely singer/songwriter pop with some early Taylor Swift vibes! Stripped down vocals on piano mixed with honest storytelling are my favorites!
    • Who inspires you: Wrabel, Maisie Peters, Taylor Swift, Jake Scott, Lewis Capaldi, Ben Rector, and Ed Sheeran. I’ve really been loving Haley Joelle’s songwriting lately!
    • Awards & Accolades: I’ve made the Nashville Songwriters Association International “Ones to Watch” list twice.
    • Dream Duet Partner: Wrabel. He is such an incredibly gifted singer and songwriter so it would be the ultimate dream to have his masterful mind on one of my future songs.
    • All time favorite country songs: I’d say “The House That Built Me” sung by Miranda Lambert and “I Drive Your Truck” sung by Lee Brice. Jimmy Yeary is one of the writers on this track and I was fortunate enough to learn from him at a songwriting workshop.
    • First country concert: Taylor Swift’s Fearless Concert at Gillette Stadium- EPIC!
    • What songs do you like now on Country 1025: Maren Morris’s latest single “Circles Around This Town”
    • If you weren’t a musician what would you be doing: I’d probably be a musical theatre actress or a wilderness sports guide.
    • Day job: Destination wedding & elopement photographer
    • Most proud moment: Getting to be on NSAI’s “Ones To Watch” list and playing to my largest crowd on the mainstage at Indian Ranch in Webster.
    • Crazy thing that happened in your music career: I went to the Tip Pan South Songwriting workshop in Nashville and signed up for a publisher event with Tree Vibez Music (Florida Georgia Line). Everyone got feedback during the workshop and then funny enough I bumped into the same host of the workshop weeks later in the aisle at my local Kroger grocery store. He thought it was a serendipitous moment so he gave me his email so he could listen to more of my songs.
    • Fun facts: I volunteer with the organization Musicians On Call as one of their artist performers. There isn’t a wilderness sport I haven’t tried & loved. Rock climbing, ice- climbing, surfing, paddleboarding, etc.- I love being outdoors!  To connect more female artists local to me I created a Facebook Group for any female identifying New England Artists & Musicians. It’s a really great community and allows you to find new co-writers, more venues to play at, etc. Click HERE to connect with the group.
    • Mantra: Dreams have no expiration date. No matter how old you are, if you have a passion for something or want to learn a new skill then go for it!
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