Jackson Blue

Jackson Blue

So you may or may not have heard some of us mention this on the air but after a big ol’ chunk of years, we’re moving! Many of you have visited us on Morrissey Blvd. in Dorchester to pick up prizes you’ve won, soon we’ll be there no longer. In a couple weeks our studios will be making the move to Waltham. I decided today to take my phone around the building, snap some pics, and give you a little peak behind the curtains at some of the little random things around here that I’ll miss.


    Dorchester Studios

    55 Morrissey has been an amazing location. Getting to shows in the city was always a breeze – the drive in was never too terrible and it’s a fairly inexpensive Lyft ride in.


    Locker 49

    I hit this locker (#49) every day when I came in and every day before I left. It held my headphones, my Pan-Mass Challenge water bottle, and other random things I use sometimes (cell phone tripod, lucha libre masks, you know… the essentials).



    This is the mic in our secondary air studio. It’s where we record A LOT of stuff. I think I spend more time in this studio than our actual air studio… and this mic and the processing attached to it sound GREAT. This is kind of my second home.


    Jack-o-lantern sticker

    I’m an odd egg. I know this. And this one is odd. Inside the studio I just showed you is this sticker on a random computer near the ground. For some reason every day I look at this sticker and think, “man, that sticker looks kind of like a jack-o-lantern.” It’s not a dead-ringer. But it resembles one enough that at some point every day I have that thought. The little things…


    Star Market

    They have been a valuable neighbor. I can’t say how many times we raid the place for random snacks or a meal when we’re running waaaaayyyy behind, which is often. I hear we’ll have a Market Basket nearby the new studios… but I’ll miss Star and the Starbucks inside.



    The CW hasn’t been functional during the 8 years I’ve been at 55 Morrissey – but it was always cool seeing the history. And beyond the CW is the old Globe building. THAT place was super cool. It was great seeing the papers print and just being inside that historic building. And we used to hit their cafeteria for lunch often. It was cheap and it was good. They have since left – we miss them.


    The View

    Not the prettiest view from our air studio. Not pretty at all actually. But the stories we could tell you about what we’ve seen in that weird alley/street between us and Star. Woah. Plus it’s been seen in at least 1,000 Instagram stories from our radio hosts over the years.



    Before I was on Country 102.5 I was down the hall doing afternoons on our sister station HOT 96.9 for a few years. This is a pic of Pebbles and I live at the annual Cradles To Crayons Backpack-a-thon. I love that charity, I love that event, and I love Pebbles. This pic is hung on the wall down the hall. It always makes me happy to see it.



    Somewhere along the way someone put this Ewok Star Wars figure on top of that picture of Pebbles and I. I don’t know when or why. I actually just noticed it while taking pictures so…. here he is!


    Coffee Machine

    I have spent a lot of time here. Like A LOT of time. Best coffee machine in the biz (when it’s working). And I drink so much water while I’m on the air that I’d make a dromedary jealous.


    Frog Lights

    Another weird one, I know, but doesn’t this flood light look just like a cartoon robot frog? Another one of those odd things I notice almost every single day.



    I have sprinted to this office many times over the past 8 years. It’s pretty far from our air studio – down the hall, down the stairs, and down another hall – but when there’s an emergency or *gulp* dead air, you get there pretty quickly. Our engineers are the best. Thankfully they’re coming with us.



    This was a pretty cool space. Right where this pic was taken there used to be a “market.” It was stocked weekly or bi-weekly with all sorts of snacks, sandwiches, and drinks. They even had individually-wrapped hard-boiled eggs in the cooler to purchase which I always thought was weird until I found out one of my close friends ate them almost every day. I still thought it was kind of weird to tell you the truth. Who knows how long ago those eggs were boiled??

    Also if I were to pan to the left you’d see a space where Kenny Chesney came and played live for staff and winners right in our non-glamorous kitchen in 2017. Great memory and a good place to stop considering what’s going on at Gillette this weekend.

    We’ll miss you 55 Morrissey! Thanks for all the wonderful memories and unique treasures.

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