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Well this is interesting. Have the rock star days of stand-up comedy fallen to the wayside? It appears that way since a new poll by Anna Gionet at Shane Co. found that Eddie Murphy is the country’s favorite stand-up comedian… even though he hasn’t done stand-up since 1987!

The poll looked at each state’s favorite stand-up comic. Eddie Murphy won Alabama, Louisiana, Maryland, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. Kevin Hart took second place, nabbing DC, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, and North Carolina. Jim Carrey and Norm MacDonald tied for third winning 4 states each.

This is good news for Eddie Murphy who planned on making a return to stand-up comedy in 2019, but then COVID happened and put a temporary halt to those plans. Well whenever Eddie decides to don the red and black leather suit and hit the stage again, it appears that America is ready – frozen in time – waiting for his return.

Here are some more interesting stand-up comics who won states in the poll: