Greetings my fellow Massachusettsans! That sound wicked awkward, but it’s right. And by the way, never leave the work wicked alone. In Massachusetts, we use wicked as an adverb, not an adjective. Wicked awesome, right? August 17 is recognized as National Massachusetts Day. So, let’s celebrate by embracing all that is unique about our beloved Bay State. Embrace our wickedness (the good kind): Here are 7 very Massachusetts things.

Only in Your State recently posted an article about some of our oddities, which got me to thinking about these 7 very Massachusetts things. On the serious side, we know that Massachusetts was the first New England colony, and the sixth state to join the Union. Our state was named after the indigenous people who lived here when explorers first landed on our soil, and later the Pilgrims. Since then we have become known as the birthplace of many things from independence to Dunkin’ Donuts. Or how about the first subway (the underground train, not the fast food chain). Did you know the Fig Newton started here?

Many notable people were born here and lived here. Need names? Okay, how about John Hancock or John F. Kennedy? Can I get an amen for Emeril Lagasse, Donna Summer, Steve Carell, Amy Poehler, and John Krasinski? They are all from Mass. Don’t forge Dr. Seuss, Eli Whitney and Benjamin Franklin who all called Massachusetts home. But let’s get to the fun stuff. Let’s embrace our wickedness (the good kind) with 7  very Massachusetts thing. These few things help make us who we are, unique, maybe a little quirky and definitely wicked smaaht!

  • 1. We Take Sports Seriously

    Don’t try and argue with us over our sports team. We bleed Red, Green, Blue, Black and Gold! Our love for the Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins and Celtics is unmatched. And never ever ever stop us from chanting “Yankees suck.” Even when the Sox are way behind the Yanks in the standings.

  • 2. Dunkin' Rules

    Fun fact: There are close to 1,064 locations in Mass, and that means a location for every 6,478 people here. That’s about 11% of the total number of Dunkin’ locations!  It’s Dunkin’ or Dunks or Dunkin Donuts-whatever you want to call it, just call in my order for a regular large iced, please. And regular means cream and sugar. It doesn’t anywhere else.  Massachusetts is the birthplace of Dunkin! Thank you, and pass me a sugah, please. 

    Dunkin original store

    Photo by Carolyn Kruse

  • 3. We Don't Order Sprinkles

    Ordering sprinkles to top your ice cream just sounds wrong. We are tough guys, we eat jimmies on our ice cream! The end.

    ice cream

    Getty Images

  • 4. Even Our Road Signs Speak Boston

    Our signs in Massachusetts often show off our wicked sense of humor. You may see signs that say fun things like, “bang a left at the set of lights.” Or this:

  • 5, Our Town Names Can Be Haaahd To Say

    Just ask some of the Golden State Warriors players if our town names are easy to pronounce…

  • 6. We Are Wicked Proud of Pretty Much Everything

    Massachusetts is notorious when it comes to our drivers. And we are proud of that. We are proud that we are wicked old, rich in history and have the oldest active ballpark in Major League Baseball! We are proud of our world class universities and hospitals. We are proud that very few outsiders can replicate our accents. How about our beaches, our food, and our culture? All of these are cherished by us and longed for by others. We are loud and we are proud. We are Massachusetts! Aren’t we the best?

    See, I told ya:

    But wait, there’s more…

  • 7. Our Arms Are Our Cape Cod Road Map

    If you’ve spent any amount of time on Cape Cod, then you know to give directions using a flexed arm. That’s how we point out where Provincetown is…”right hear at your finger tips.” I mean doesn’t the Cape look like a flexed arm?

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