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Carolyn Kruse

Carolyn Kruse

We all know Chief for his monster hits he’s recorded and released over the past 17 years. In honor of his 47th birthday today, here are 7 Eric Church songs you may not know he wrote for other artists.

Known for his storytelling writing style, I’m surprised more Eric Church songs haven’t been shared to other singers. With huge hits like “Springsteen,” “Drink in My Hand” and “Some of It,” Church has written a couple big hits for other country stars and a bunch of album cuts.

Did You Know About These Eric Church Songs?

Here you’ll find out exactly which songs he decided to share. A couple might surprise you. I’ve been a Church fan since his first album, Sinners Like Me. His lyrics are so captivating, they pull you into the story, and that was evident early and often. His debut produced gems like “Two Pink Lines” and “Guys Like Me.”

Honestly, the great thing about Eric Church songs are they can be listened to 17 years later and still sound fresh and modern. He’s a timeless writer with a gift for description. His friend Morgan Wallen said it best when he shared that he had never been a “superfan” of any artist until he heard Church. It was his colorful lyrics like “mustard on my fries” (“Love Your Love The Most”) that blew him away and made Wallen a fan.

I think you’ll find it interesting which artists Eric Church wrote songs for. From superstars of today to a 20 year old hit he wrote before anyone knew who he was, he co-wrote all these tunes and more. But for today, the focus is on these 7 exceptional Eric Church songs he gave away to other artists.

Take a look below and see if you can image Chief singing any of theses songs. And if you’ve never been to an Eric Church concert, go! He has such amazing energy and artistry, you will be a superfan. I’ve always loved his songs but when I saw him perform live the first time, it brought me to a whole new level of fandom.

Enjoy these Eric Church songs!

  • 1. Don't Blame It On Whiskey- Jon Pardi (ft Lauren Alaina)

    Year: 2019

    Writers: Eric Church, Miranda Lamber, Luke Laird and Michael Heeney.

    What a star-studded writing team on this song. Jon included this on his Heartache Medication album. On including Lauren on the track, Pardi told The Boot, “After the ACM Honors, where we sang together — and we sang great. We’re great friends, and it’s just easy with her. She’s very talented.” She returned the favor 2 years later on her song, “Getting Over Him.”

  • 2. My Song Will Never Die- Luke Combs

    Year: 2023 
    Writers: Eric Church, Travis Meadows and Jonathan Singleton 

    Luke had been a fan of Eric Church’s since he was just starting out. They were both from the same town in North Carolina and event went to the same high school, years apart, of course. Combs included this one on his Gettin’ Old album. He shared in an interview that Eric didn’t reach out to him about recording it, but Luke had heard it and wanted to include it on the album. He went on to say Church doesn’t often share his creations, but Luke had to ask. Erich was happy to give it to him. “My Song Will Never Die” dives into into the idea that music lives forever and an artist can leave a piece of him/herself behind as a legacy, with a song.


  • 3. Quittin' Time- Morgan Wallen (ft. Eric Church)

    Year: 2021
    Writers: Eric Church, Luke Laird and Josh Thompson 

    This is it. The song that sparked the friendship of Morgan Wallen and Eric Church. As I mentioned above, Morgan was a fan already. So, when he had the opportunity to work with Church he jumped at it. “Quittin’ Time” is from Wallen’s Dangerous (the Double Album). Morgan told Whiskey Riff, ” This song is how I got my initial contact with him,” referring to Church. He went on to say, “Since then I’ve been able to spend some time with him and get to know him a little bit better. Which is cool for me, just because of how much he means to me musically. I feel like I don’t know if that would have happened without this song.”


  • 4. The World Needs a Drink- Terri Clark

    Year: 2005

    Writers: Eric Church and Casey Beathard 

    Eric Church was an unknown artist at the time Terri Clark recorded this song he co-wrote. It was intended to be the lead single off her 6th album, Honky Tonk Songs. But that project was scrapped and reworked to Life Goes On. It became a top 24 hit for Terri. And a first time having a work of art hit radio for Church. 

  • 5. You, Me and the River- Chris Janson (ft.Eric Church)

    Year: 2022

    Writers: Eric Church

    It’s not often that writers don’t collaborate anymore, but Church did write this one solo. This one is dark and dramatic. “You, Me & the River” tells a story about deadly consequences of infidelity. This was a first for Janson, as he didn’t have a hand in co-writing. You’ll find it on his 2022 album, All In. Chris told Taste of Country, that he got “a 3AM text from Church, who sent him the song for consideration. At first, Janson wasn’t sure if Church was pitching the song or simply looking for comments, but he responded to the country superstar with a big question…why don’t we duet?” Janson also shared that this is his favorite music video he’s ever done. 

  • 6. We Were-Keith Urban

    Year: 2019

    Writers: Eric Church,  Ryan Tyndell, and Jeff Hyde

    From Urban’s 11th studio album, The Speed of Now Part 1

    This wasn’t the first time Keith Urban and Eric Church worked together. You surely remember their 2015 collaboration on the #1 hit song “Raise “Em Up.” That was from Urban’s Fuse album. Ironically, the first time Keith heard this song, he didn’t know Eric wrote it. It was sent to him by another person. In fact, he didn’t know who wrote it until after he recorded it. The two artists eventually released a duet version of the song. But, this is the hit version of an exceptional song that went to #1. 


  • 7. Wild Fire- Zac Brown Band

    Year: 2015

    Writers: Eric Church, Zac Brown, Liz Rose, Clay Cook and Wyatt Durrette

    Quite a collaborative effort on this one from Zac Brown Band’s album, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  Brown described the album track as “swampy.” It’s a love story about burning passion. 

    “Gotcha burning like a wildfire, baby
    Running out of control
    Take you walking on a highwire crazy
    No net down below
    It’s gonna get a little too far out there
    Just you wait and see
    Love you like a wildfire
    Come swimming in the flames with me”

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