Carolyn Kruse

Carolyn Kruse

Carolyn Kruse

There is something special about a girl dad. Don’t get me wrong, having healthy children is all that matters, regardless of their sex. But with Father’s Day almost here, I’d like to focus on country music girl dads.

I grew up one of 3 girls. My father always says he never regrets not having boys. In fact, he would lament about how women are the future of this planet and was thrilled to have only daughters. So, yeah, it’s a little personal for me.

You’ve may have read about all the country music babies born, or expected, last year. Among them is the proud pop of Presley who is about to become a girl dad times 2, any day now. Details are below.

Why These Country Music Girl Dads Are Special

What I think is special about a girl dad is that they are seem to be more sensitive and tender with their kids, and yet there is that need to instill certain enate “guy qualities” in their girls. My dad taught me had to throw a baseball and play basketball. He took me to NHL and NBA games, just the 2 of us. When I was about 14 he asked me, “What do you want to do with your life?” I answered, get a boyfriend. But he was trying to empower me with career aspirations. And he did.

We all know Thomas Rhett and his team of girls. If you follow him on Instagram you know how involved he is in his daughters’ lives. He let’s them dress him up, he plays ball with them and lifts them up (literally and figuratively). It’s so endearing to watch this country music girl dad in action.

Tim McGraw even recorded a song to help empower his girls, “Speak to a Girl.” A few years ago, Garth Brooks recorded and released a song about how women are stronger than men, it’s appropriately titled “Stronger Than Me.” These are sentiments to pass on to their girls, and all women, that will last a lifetime.

Below are some of the best and most famous country music girl dads. These 6 men truly embrace their roll and help guide their girls in all aspects of life as a woman, from their perspective.

  • 1. Garth Brooks

    Country music mega-star Garth Brooks has 3 daughters from his first marriage to Sandy. Taylor, August and Allie are grown women now, ages 28-32. You may remember he retired from the biz for a few years so he could spend time with his girls and help raise them properly, not while on the road.  Not only is Garth a great girl dad, he’s also a girl grandad! (He has 2 grandchildren, both of whom are girls). After the birth of his first daughter, Taylor, Garth dedicated a performance of his hit “If Tomorrow Never Comes” to her. The lyrics clearly fit.

  • 2. Alan Jackson

    Country legend Alan Jackson and his wife Denise are parents to 3 beautiful young women:  Mattie Denise Jackson, Alexandra Jane Jackson Bradshaw and Dani Grace Jackson. Known as one of country  music’s greatest songwriters, Jackson put his feelings to a song in 2021 when her released “You’ll Always Be My Baby,”  dedicated to his daughters. His video for the song features the lyrics and a montage of pics of his 3 kids. He wrote it with their weddings in mind. 

  • 3. Tim McGraw

    Tim McGraw and his wife Faith Hill are the proud parents of 3 strong young women. Gracie, Maggie and Audrey McGraw all show signs of major musical chops. Gracie, now 27, has been performing professionally recently. But they are most proud of the humans their girls have become. Tim told People, “We’ve raised three strong, independent, strong-minded young women. And what I’m most grateful for is just how normal our kids are and how grounded they are and how much they respect themselves and other people. It makes me feel like we’ve done a pretty decent job, especially Mom.” In 2017 Tim and Faith sang “Speak To A Girl,” all about showing respect to women. 

    She don’t really care how you’re spending your money, it’s all how you treat herShe just want a friend to be there when she opens her eyes in the morningShe wants you to say what you mean and mean everything that you’re saying”

  • 4. Jon Pardi

    Jon Pardi and his wife summer welcomed their first daughter, Presley, on February 18, 2024. They will welcome their second daughter any day now! So he will officially be a girl dad of 2 soon. The couple revealed the gender of baby #2 on Instagram, in a a unique way, with pizza! Jon had a feeling they would have another girl. Perhaps he was destined to be a girl dad. Clearly, Pardi is Head Over Boots about his daughter and daughter to be.

  • 5. Thomas Rhett

    Thomas Rhett takes the cake for girl dads in country music with 4 under the age of 8. Their names, in order from oldest to youngest are: Willa, Ada Lennon and Lillie. Clearly outnumbered in his home, Thomas has plenty of boys in his band,  with whom he can do some male bonding. But, when he’s at home he’s happy getting “made-up” by his daughters, giving them a shoulder to lean on supporting them with things they love to do. He co- wrote the cautionary tale “To The Guys Who Date My Girls” and put it on his 2021 album Country Again Side A.  TR told The Boot, “I had this idea for a while. Basically, this song is a letter to the guys who are gonna show up on my doorstep one day and be like, “Hey, Mr. Aikens, I’m here to take your daughter on a date.”

  • 6. Keith Urban

    Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman have 2 daughters together. Sunday Rose is 15 and Faith is 13.  What strong role models these young women have with both of their parents. They have always been a very private family, but Keith let his feelings out in 2018. His single, “Female” serves as a song of pride, security and warning.

  • 7. Honorable mention: Kane Brown

    I had to include Kane in this group, as he has been a girl dad and thoroughly loving it for the past 4 years. Now, he and his wife Kaitlyn are set to welcome another baby, but this time it’s a boy! So, his life of getting his nails painted by his girls won’t stop, but there will definitely be a new dynamic in the family. Congrats to the Browns!

    See Kane in full girl dad mode on many Instagram posts, but this bath time gem, singing “This Girl Is On Fire” is too cute not to share.


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