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11 Wicked Good Movies About Massachusetts Made In Massachusetts

It’s National Movie Night and what better way to celebrate than watching movies about Massachusetts made in Massachusetts?*

*Not including Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg or Ben Affleck!

OK OK. When it comes to the best movies made in Massachusetts, a few gems shine brighter than the rest.

“Good Will Hunting” catapulted Matt Damon and Ben Affleck to stardom, showcasing their incredible talent and the beauty of Boston.

“The Departed” masterfully weaves a thrilling tale of crime and corruption, set against the gritty backdrop of South Boston.

And let’s not forget “The Social Network,” a gripping exploration of the creation of Facebook, filmed in Harvard’s hallowed halls.

These movies capture the essence of Massachusetts, captivating audiences with their compelling stories and unforgettable performances.

But they aren’t the ONLY Massachusetts movies with Fenway flavor!

Not every wicked good Massachusetts movie needs a big-name cast or a mobster pulling the strings.

Our state is bursting with untapped potential and stories that’ll make your heart skip a beat. Let’s celebrate the diversity of our local talent and give them the recognition they deserve!

(Disclaimer: Some of these movies have the WORST Boston accents imaginable. I’m talking to YOU JEFF BRIDGES AND DIANE LANE. But I still like them because, well, I like seeing my hometown on the big screen!)

(Disclaimer #2: I included “Love Story” because of the location, not the message. Love Story is a sappy snoozefest with more cheese than a fondue party. If you’re into cringe-worthy dialogue and predictable plot twists, this movie’s got you covered. Grab some tissues for your tears of boredom and save yourself the agony.)


So, on National Movie Night, skip the predictable blockbusters and indulge in Massachusetts-made flicks. Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of our beloved state, support local talent, and savor every moment.

These films are like a lobster roll for your soul – uniquely Massachusetts and oh-so-satisfying.

Let’s grab your Dunkin’ iced and jump right in, shall we?

  • 1. The Verdict

    In “The Verdict,” Boston becomes the backdrop for a gripping legal drama. Paul Newman delivers a knockout performance as a down-on-his-luck lawyer seeking redemption. With its gritty portrayal of the city’s legal system, this film will have you on the edge of your seat, rooting for justice to prevail. Fun Fact: the hospital in the movie is actually the Massachusetts State House!

  • 2. The Heat

    “The Heat” brings the laughs and Boston’s mean streets together. Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy light up the screen as an odd-couple detective duo. With hilarious banter and wild action, this buddy cop comedy proves that Boston’s crime-fighting can be just as entertaining as its chowder.

    Fun Fact: The FBI headquarters is filmed in the old Boston Herald building (now a Whole Foods) in the South End.

  • 3. The Friends of Eddie Coyle

    Fun fact: During the filming of “The Friends of Eddie Coyle” in Boston, the production team sought an authentic feel by shooting scenes in real local establishments. They even filmed a bank robbery scene in an actual bank, causing genuine confusion among customers who were unaware of the movie’s production. Talk about blurring the lines between fiction and reality!

  • 4. Chappaquiddick

    Fun fact: While “Chappaquiddick” explores the infamous events surrounding Ted Kennedy on Chappaquiddick Island, the film was actually shot on Martha’s Vineyard. Despite the switch in locations, the filmmakers meticulously recreated the iconic Dike Bridge and surrounding areas to capture the essence of the historical events.

  • 5. Boston Strangler

    “A house in Belmont, Massachusetts, stood in for the home of reporter Loretta McLaughlin. That same day, the Winn Brook Elementary School was transformed into the Cambridge Police Department for second unit filming. The school was paid $5,000 to be in the film,” according to imdb.com

  • 6. Once Around

    I love this movie. I hate Holly Hunter’s accent. But I LOVE this movie.

  • 7. Coda

    according to IMDB: “The majority of the movie takes place in Massachusetts in autumn, yet the leaves on the trees are green. By October, all of the leaves would have changed colors or dropped entirely. The summer-appropriate costumes and the late evening light also reveal that the movie wasn’t filmed in fall.”

  • 8. The Perfect Storm

    God HELP US ALL WITH DIANE LANE’S ACCENT. Clooney didn’t even attempt it. Smart choice, George.

  • 9. Love Story

    SORRY! I said it! I do not love this movie, but I love Boston in the late 60s and early 70s. So it made the cut.

  • 10. Blown Away

    Fun Fact: The ball game the Boston Police are watching during the funeral scene was from Sunday July 25, 1993, Boston Red Sox vs Oakland Athletics at Fenway Park, showing a Mo Vaughn grand slam off Rick Honeycutt. The Red Sox would defeat the Athletics 8-1, according to IMDB.

  • 11. American Woman

    This is a TERRIFIC movie and not just because a lot of it was filmed in my hometown, Canton. The bar scene was shot at the now-closed Big D’s Neponset Cafe.

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