If it seems like everyone has a tattoo these days. And while it’s not everyone, it sure is getting there. According to a Pew Research Center survey, 32% of Americans now have at least one tattoo. In recent decades, we’ve become a lot more accepting of people with tattoos. The biggest reason that people get a tattoo (69%) is to remember someone or something. There are some regrets though as 24% regret one or more. Read on to find out more interesting facts about the survey, as well as the Best Tattoo Shops in Boston.


According to this survey that reported just male and female 38% of women have at least one tattoo, and 27% of men have at least one.


No surprise here as adults under the age of 50 are more likely to have a tattoo. Among those under 30, 41% have at least one tattoo, and 46% of people ages 30 to 49 do as well. AS far as older adults, 25% from 50 to 64 are inked, and 13% of those 65 or older are.

Race and Ethnicity

Black Americans have more tattoos than anyone else at 39%. Hispanics are at 35%, 32% of White people and 14% of Asian Americans.

Sexual Orientation

The study also showed that a little over half (51%) of gay, lesbian, or bisexual Americans have one tattoo. And with women in this group, it’s even higher at 68%. This includes 55% who have more than one tattoo. By comparison, 31% of straight Americans have at least one tattoo.

Politics and Tattoos

Looks like politics doesn’t matter much when it comes to tattoos. One-third of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents have a tattoo. As far as Republicans and Republican leaning people, 32% have one. Who knew that it would be tattoos that we could agree on?

The Best Tattoo Shops in Boston

Let’s take a look at the best-rated Tattoo Shops in Boston. This is according to the ratings of a Google search for best tattoo shops in Boston. Here are 9 of the shops with ratings above 4.5 stars. In no particular order…

  • Seaport Tattoo Company (4.7 stars)

    Seaport Tattoo Company is located at 380 Dorchester Ave. in South Boston. Their artists are Jimmy Johnson, Mark Vata, and Bruno Samuel. Jimmy has 20 years of experience tattooing and caters to traditional style tattooing. He also does great portrait work as well as fine line black and grey style tattooing. Mark utilizes his fine art experience to create a variety of tattoo styles, mainly specializing in realism. And Bruno has been tattooing professionally for over 9 years, including in Amsterdam and Barcelona. He specializes in various styles, such as neo traditional, black and grey, blackwork and fine line tattoos.

  • Good Faith Tattoos (4.7 stars)

    Good Faith Tattoos is located at 1018 Commonwealth Ave. in Boston. Their current artists are Chris Barnett and Nicholas McEvoy.

  • Holistic Ink Boston Tattoo Shop (4.9 stars)

    Holistic Ink Boston Tattoo Shop is located at 1261A Dorchester Ave. in Boston. Artists: Vinny Nguyen (Asian art, realism, and biomechanical), Billy Le (fine line, micro realism), Tambi Nguyen (established Vietnam’s first tattoo academy and organized Vietnam’s first tattoo convention), Thu Phuket (creates stories that capture your unique story), Angie Nguyen (feminine small to medium tattoos), Vu Pham (small tattoo and lettering), Tiana Lee (feminine, nature, and dark art inspired), Lily Truong (permanent makeup artist), Matt P (fine-line and micro realism), Phat Nguyen (small tattoo and lettering).

  • Wave & Pave Tattoo (4.8 stars)

    Wave & Pave Tattoo is located at 973 Saratoga St. in East Boston. They’ve been family owned since 2007. Check out this beauty!

  • Fat Ram's Pumpkin Tattoo (4.6 stars)

    Fat Ram’s Pumpkin Tattoo is located at 374 Center Street in Jamaica Plain. They were established in 2000. Their tattoo artists are: Fat Ram, Esben, Roz Thompson, and Josh Wallis.


  • Brilliance Tattoo (4.7 stars)

    Brilliance Tattoo is located at 3399 Washington St. in Jamaica Plain. Their artists include: Amanda Abbott (Clean, Romantic, Timeless Illustration), Dana Glover (Dark, Earthy, and Ethereal Black and Grey), Dia Moeller (Fantastic, Painterly Realism), Drae Malliaros (Etched, Fine Line Flora and Fauna), Jenpa Konchok Cartier (Natural, Ornamental, Artistic and Historical), Lulu Henle (Precision, Abstraction, Historical, Ornamental and typography), and Rusty Indigo (Botanicals with an organic fit).


  • Boston Ink Body Art Specialist

    Boston Ink Body Art Specialist is located at 438 River Street in Mattapan. They’re a Black owned up and coming tattoo shop.


  • Said & Done Tattoo (4.9 stars)

    Said & Done Tattoo is located at 68 South Street in Jamaica Plain. Their artists include: Gabrielle (fine line and portraits), Kaej (oddball and 90’s nostalgia), Dylan (handpoke and traditional), and Maddy is an apprentice and customer service manager.


  • Skard4LyfeInk Tattoo & Supply (5.0 stars)

    Josh, Joel, and Loyalty are the tattoo artist at Skard4LyfeInk Tattoo & Supply. Josh likes new school tattoo, street art, and projects that tell a story. You can check out his work on his Instagram @skard4lyfeink. Joel specializes in black and grey realism. Find him @joyboytattoos. And Loyalty is interested in semi-realism projects and new school art. Check him out   @loyaltytatink. They’re located at 425 Bowdoin St. in Dorchester.


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