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Speak now, Washington. We hear you. You are singing Our Song. You are Fearless. Today, you quoted Talor Swift when confronting Live Nation/Ticketmaster about their ticket sales practices. Granted, you had some of us turning Red at the Tay references. But still, it showed some Style.

The ticket giant faced the Senate Judiciary Committee after accusations came flooding in that Ticketmaster operates as a monopoly. Clearly, this issue isn’t new. But the recent Taylor Swift debacle has brought it back into light. You know The Story of Us. You and me, and all music fans against the machine.

Well, I’m just going to leave this right here for you. Enjoy.

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  • Swiftie daughters have spoken

  • The fans showed up

  • All Too Well

  • That's just "Mean"

    Yup, they blamed her. Ticketmaster blamed Taylor Swift

  • Time for a break-up song