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We got this email from listener Jared

Hey guys I love the show and love group therapy! Here is a problem for you guys to consider. I am dating a girl who I really liked, she has a great personality, very pretty etc and we get along great. However she has one thing that REALLY bothers me and I can’t get over it.

She has a giant mole on her butt. Maybe it’s not a mole, more of a birthmark. Point is it’s huge, like the size of three quarters smooshed together on her left cheek and even has some hair in it. When I told her about it she said “Oh yeah that’s my furrburr” which I guess is a nickname someone in her life made up for it.

She says she has the hair removed and it grows back, but there’s really not much else she can do it about.

I feel like a jerk because again she’s super-awesome but I can’t get past this. When we demonstrate the physical act of love (as Jonathan would say) we have to be in a position where I can’t see it and I had a dream the other night that it was talking to me and it was telling me to kill it.

So would it be wrong to break up with her over this?


Personally I think if you can’t see past a mole then all your talk about being in love with your girlfriend is BS. Here is what the audience had to say.

  • Kristina: "I actually like moles I think they're cute, even big hairy ones"

    On behalf of the community of mole people (people covered in weird lesions and keloid scars) Kristina, you are an angel.

  • Jack: "I agree with Jared, she should have it removed. Not because it's gross but it could be dangerous."

    And my hypochondria just kicked back in. Thanks Jack!

  • Samantha: "Moles might be gross but so is being shallow. Screw you Jared!"

    Uhhhh….that’s not hypocritical at all right?

  • Chad: "Hey if he don't want her send her my way! I don't care if a chick has a mole on her butt, her boob or her face, so long as she's hot!"

    Thanks for your service Chad.