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My Husband Told Me His Hall Pass Is The Waitress Who Served Us Dinner Last Night

Jenny went to dinner with her husband and after a few drinks he asked her who her “hall pass” would be. She said Chris Hemsworth. But then he announced that the waitress who was serving them that night would be his hall pass. Jenny thought he was kidding, but he seemed completely serious. Should Jenny be worried that her husband really wants to sleep with the waitress? Is that even what a hall pass is?

Here’s Jenny’s Hall Pass Phone Call

Jonathan: Today for panic button we have Jenny. Hey, Jenny.
Jenny: Good morning.

Jonathan: So, Jenny, your problem is that your husband thinks he’s all that. He asked an inappropriate question and answered it even more inappropriately. What happened?

Jenny: Right.

Ayla: Never a good way to start out.

Jenny: Actually, we were at the end of a nice dinner, on a date and the drinks are flowing. And everything was going fine, and then he says, have you ever heard of a hall pass?

Ayla: Okay, keep going. I feel like this is not going to go well. Go ahead.

Jenny: It was completely out of nowhere. And I just was really shocked that I think that is when you are able to like sleep with somebody that you like.

Jonathan: Someone you wouldn’t be able to actually sleep with.

Ayla: Yeah that’s it. Yeah. That’s a hall pass. Got it.

Jenny: So he goes okay well. Who do you think yours would be? And he’s like, it’s just for fun. I said, oh, okay. Well. I have no idea. Maybe let’s say Chris Hemsworth. I didn’t want to put any. I didn’t put any thought into it.

Jonathan: What about Liam? I mean, come on.

Ayla: No, Chris, I get it.

Jonathan: I get it.

Jenny: So he goes. Okay. I thought we were like, maybe getting into a playful mood. Well then who is yours. And he says the waitress.

Jonathan: The waitress? Like from a TV? No? The waitress you had at the dinner?

Jenny: Yes, at the dinner. Not on the show.

Jonathan: Not one of the waitresses from the 80s, pop group, The waitresses.

Ayla: What is wrong with him? Does he not know how a hall pass works? Someone that you don’t think you could sleep with? Not someone who’s literally handing you your water that night.

Jonathan: But he was obviously joking, right?

Jenny: Well, I, I thought so. And I thought, okay, maybe we just had too many glasses of wine. I just needed to get out of that joke, but no. He said, oh, I thought it was just anybody that you want.

Jonathan: Did you notice anything between him and the waitress, though? I mean, I still think this is just him being hypothetical.

Jenny: Well, you know, it’s funny you mention that because I wasn’t really paying attention up until that point. That is when I started to notice he got really quiet once he realized that we were not on the same page.

Ayla: Yeah.

Jenny: Any time the waitress came by he would not look up. He would always look down.

Ayla: Oh, he totally wants her.

Jenny: When we got the bill there was like a little smiley winky face on it.

Jonathan: That hussy.

Ayla: Yeah.

Jonathan: Or she’s just a waitress that does that all the time. Because that’s kind of normal.

Jenny: Yeah, cause you’re supposed to be nice, but still. Come on, hubby.

Jonathan: Where’s the waitress? I mean, he obviously thinks she’s attractive. What did she look like? Was she in the same age range?

Jenny: What she looks like doesn’t matter. Who says that? He just says, Oh, I thought it was someone that I wanted to sleep with. Not a celebrity.

Ayla: Like. Are you dumb? I mean, are you dumb? Men need classes for dumbness.

Jonathan: Okay. I still think he’s just speaking hypothetically. I think he just picked somebody that he knew would get her goat and maybe make her a little jealous. Is that possible that he was doing that?

Jenny: I don’t know. The car ride home was completely quiet

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