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Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

You might hate snow too! So here are some ideas of other things you can do that don't involve going outside in it.

I hate the snow, and I hate the cold. Remind me why I live in Massachusetts again?

While it’s been a mild winter so far in terms of weather, there’s snow on the horizon for Saturday night into Sunday. According to WCVB, the weather professionals are calling it a “significant storm” for Massachusetts residents. Along the coastal regions like Cape Cod and Boston, there will be a mix of rain and sleet. However, everywhere else in Massachusetts will have “plowable” snow. If you live west of Worcester, you will have the most snowfall. Ah! I am already cold thinking about this snow and it hasn’t even happened yet.

Ayla Brown and Brate at the top of Mount Washington

This photo was taken back in October of 2020 on the top of Mount Washington. The wind chill alone was enough to kill you if you were exposed in it for a long period of time. I’ve never felt cold like I felt it at the top of that mountain that day.

The Cold And Me Have Never Gotten Along

I grew up in Wrentham and lived in that small country town until I went off to college. (Yes, Wrentham used to be “country” before the Wrentham Outlets came to town). In 2011, I moved to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue a career in country music. Let me tell you, the weather was SO much better for people like me who do not like, or appreciate the cold. In Tennessee in January, you only had to wear a warm sweatshirt, and on special occasions you’d bring out a light winter coat. It was heaven.

As a kid I always hated the cold. I went sledding at Sweat Hill like all other kids, but did I really enjoy it? No I did not. I went skiing a few times throughout my life, and thought I was going to die from the experience. I’ve tried ice skating a time or two, and it always ended with frozen toes and a red-tipped nose. None of it is my cup of tea.

So if you’re like me and you want to do things besides going out in the snow, I have some personal suggestions that have made me downright happier in the long run. I don’t need to put my boots on to enjoy the snow. I can do many other things instead.

Hate The Snow? Do These Things Instead:

  • Look At It From A Window

    Blizzard with cards on the road

    Who cares that there’s a blizzard outside. You don’t want to be driving in that stuff anyways!

    When there’s snow outside, simply DON’T go out in it! Look at it form your window. From there you’ll be able to see all of your neighbors plowing their driveways, and shoveling their sidewalks. But you will be nice and cozy watching all of that from the window of your home. That’s what I do at least. I make my husband do all of the snow work.

  • Go Online Shopping

    man ordering gifts online

    When in doubt and you hate the snow, get online and treat yourself to something small (or big if you want!) Buying something always makes me feel a little bit warmer inside.

    There’s nothing better than getting your Amazon Prime account revved up during a winter storm. I’m not sure about you, but I always find myself wanting to buy something special during a snowstorm. One year I bought a new Yeti mug, and another I got a few Valentine’s Day gifts for my husband.

  • Head To Tropical Weather

    Ayla Brown on the beach in Ft. Lauderdale

    ….Or honestly, anywhere it’s warm. Here I am on the beach in Ft. Lauderdale!

    I hate the snow so much that the second I hear that it’s arriving, I grab my computer and start looking up last minute flights out of Boston. Many times I don’t go, but I always try and escape the cold at least one time per year and go somewhere warm.

  • Cook Or Bake

    man holding an apple pie

    Get in the kitchen and bake your face off! You’ll hopefully love what you make.

    There’s no better feeling than baking something in the oven and then when it’s done you open up the oven door to let the heat fill your kitchen. If there’s chilly snow outside, bake something savory like an apple pie or muffins. You can always indulge in leftovers in case the snow storm lasts a couple of days.

  • Binge Watch Your Favorite Show

    Young woman relaxing on the couch at home and watching tv

    Snow storms are all about watching your shows. Which one are you going to choose?

    It seems pretty obvious, but when there’s nasty snow outside, stay inside and get the clicker out! (Do you call it a clicker, remote, flicker, or something else?) Binge watching a show is especially fun if you have a snow day and don’t have to go into work or school.

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