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We are a few days into the New Year, which means those New Year’s resolutions that excited us on January 1st are officially becoming a drag. Sure, it sounds great to work out more or become more productive. But wouldn’t it be more fun to flamingo a friends yard or learn the dance to “Thriller” by Halloween?

Resolutions are difficult to keep at best. And if yours require sacrificing the things you love, than it’s pretty likely that you will be looking for a new one soon. So here are 12 more fun, more exciting New Year’s resolutions to replace those boring ones with.

  • Order every drink on the Starbucks menu

    If you bring your laptop to Starbucks, you can conquer two resolutions at once: be more productive (or scroll the Country 102.5 website but no one is there to see you stalling) and try each drink!

  • Start a meme account

    How To Grow A Meme Page On Instagram? | Hashtagie

    This is a question that we get asked all the time: How to grow a Meme page on Instagram? Instagram is definitely one of the places where memes have a big market. We see it all the time; there are accounts with even more than a million followers, and that's nothing compared to the real potential number of people that you could attract.

    Are you the funniest person you know? Do you live on Reddit? Than this is the resolution for you!

  • Wine down the day with a glass of your favorite red/white wine

    Does Drinking a Glass of Wine Have Health Benefits?

    People have been drinking wine for thousands of years, and the benefits of doing so have been well documented (). Emerging research continues to suggest that drinking wine in moderation - about a glass per day - offers several benefits.

    Wait… haven’t you perfected this one already? I’ll let you decide on the health risks…

  • Perfect a celebrity impression

    We’ve all tried to do Urkel’s famous “Did I do that?”… this is the year to finally perfect it!

  • Flamingo a friend's yard

    Flamingo Flocking

    Have you ever wanted to play a practical joke on a friend, relative, co-worker, teacher, coach or other deserving person? Well here's your chance to have some fun and contribute to a worthwhile cause at the same time. The Woburn Host Lions will deliver a flock of pink flamingos to the lucky person of your choice.

    It’s time to unleash the flock and send 100 flamingo’s to the people you care the most (or the least) about!

  • Workout... a plan for Taco Tuesday

    40 Best Taco Recipes and Taco Night Ideas

    By: Becky Hardin This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy. Taco Recipe Ideas here! Taco Tuesday is everyone's favorite night. A night filled with family, tacos, and all of the best food. Here are some of the best taco night ideas to inspire your feast!

    Let’s taco ’bout making this a regular event. Grab your friends, break out your shells, and realize this is the type of productivity you need in your life.

  • Watch your favorite series back to back to back

    25 Binge-Worthy Shows to Watch Right Now

    Let's face it: there's nothing better than getting completely and utterly lost in a TV series. Whether you're looking for something new to binge-watch, or you're simply hoping to get inspired to re-binge your favorite show, we've got you covered. Below, we have a carefully-curated list of the best TV shows to fit your needs.

    The goal of this resolution is not just to watch your favorite show, but instead is to see how many times you can watch the entire series back to back to back without getting tired of it this year. Better start ASAP!

  • Construct the perfect charcuterie board

    19 Unique Charcuterie Board Ideas and Themes

    Make entertaining an art with these unique charcuterie board ideas. Believe it or not, it's super simple to create an impressive presentation of cured meats, specialty cheeses and all the colorful complements. Get creative with olives, antipasti, fresh fruit, nuts, spreads, crackers and more.

    Yes, charcuterie boards are the result of a generation of children being raised on Lunchables and now having access to adult money. But that doesn’t matter. All that does matter is if you made a better one than your neighbor.

  • Get a dog... so you can blame your farts on them


    Search for dogs for adoption at shelters near Massachusetts, MA. Find and adopt a pet on Petfinder today.

    It’s hard to blame the dog if you don’t have one… so do your local shelter a favor and bring some joy (and validation for your excuse) into your life!

  • Get on a first name basis with your Door Dasher

    If your resolution was to eat at home more, than you’re already on track to learn your DoorDasher’s name. Eating at home doesn’t mean you have to cook for yourself…

  • Stay in a unique Airbnb

    37 Unique Airbnbs in New England: Cabins + Treehouse Vacation Rentals

    The best Airbnbs in New England range from luxury treehouses and cabins in nature to lake house vacation rentals along the coast. If you're looking to discover the best vacation rentals in the Northeast, just wait until you see these New England stays on Airbnb and VRBO.

    It’s time to plan that weekend away. To reconnect in a treehouse or kiss under the Igloo’s dome. Don’t just go away. Go somewhere epic.

  • Break your New Year's Resolutions

    What You Can Learn From Broken New Year's Resolutions

    As the new year approaches, most people start thinking about what New Year's resolutions they are going to make. After all, the start of a new year seems like the perfect time to make changes, lose weight, quit vaping, try something new, or get a fresh start on life.

    Go live your life! Don’t set unrealistic goals or expectations for yourself. If you decide to break your resolutions, don’t feel guilty about it, you’re already epic!

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