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Carolyn Kruse

Carolyn Kruse

It’s exciting to see one of our New Englander singer/songwriters not only survive for a lengthy flight, but soar. That’s exactly what Houston Bernard from Boston, my Local Catch of the Week, is doing. The veteran performer recently dropped his sixth album, and if the rest of it is anything like his new single, we’ll have to buckle up.

Bernard’s album Ditch This Town was released in January. Imagine the amount of time, work, money and emotion that goes into a full collection of art. Bernard is not afraid of hard work and investing in himself. The efforts have paid off, as this is some of his best yet. “Pretend,” the new single, is simply infectious. All the right ingredients went into making this tasty number. It rocks but stays true to Houston’s brand of “heartland country.” His voice sounds better than ever, the instrumentation illuminates, and I honestly can’t get this melody out of my head. It just all feels right.

Houston Bernard has been an in-demand live performer in the area for quite some time. With time comes some polish, as we know, but he never over does it. His music and performance always remain true, never too slick or without real passion. This artist has been at the game, professionally, since he was in middle school. Obviously, he understands that with country music, there needs to be an honesty in the lyrics and delivery. I feel like country audiences can spot a phony a mile away.

Listen to Houston’s new song, below, and get to know him. You’ll find links to follow him on social media and a list of his upcoming gigs, so you can check him out for yourself. Supporting our local artists is extremely important. How can they make it to the next step without the support of their own people? I know you will like his music and find his story interesting.




  • The Music

    Houston Bernard says latest release is about “how funny it is how sometimes we pretend not to like someone just to get their attention. Its funny the games we play.” Listen now to “Pretend” from Houston, off his new album, Ditch This Town 

    Houston Bernard


  • The Story

    • Grew up in: Oklahoma, Alaska and Massachusetts
    • Now lives in: Massachusetts / Oklahoma
    • Current single: “Pretend” off the new album “Ditch this Town”  LINK TO ALBUM:
    • What lead you to music:  I have always been drawn to music, writing and performing since I can remember. I started writing my first jingles at 5 yo and starting writing full songs and recording when I was 12. I have explored many genres of music but country music is my home. I’m very excited that I have just released my 6th country album
    • How long have you been performing: Professionally (getting paid) since I was 12 yo.
    • First country song you learned: Does “Heartbreak Hotel” count? I grew up a huge Elvis fan
    • How would you describe your sound: Heartland Country
    • Who inspires you:   Other artists, hardworking people
    • If you are a band, how did you get your name:  I’m a solo artist and my name is a family name, I was named after my uncle who died on the farm in Oklahoma when he was 2. I wrote a song called, “In My blood” and it talks about my family.
    • Awards/accolades:  I have been nominated a lot for country artist of the year in New England a lot. I haven’t won, but a lot of my friends have. I’m most proud of making music that I have written or that speaks to me
    • Dream duet partner: Dolly Parton, Miranda, Kacey Musgraves, Autumn Ragland
    • All- time favorite country song: So many but here are a few of my favorites this week…

    Once or Twice – Corey Kent

    Raisin Hell and Slingin Gravel – Dallas Moore

    Loser Mentality – Austin Meade

    • First country concert: Sleepy LaBeef at Indian Ranch (my dad and uncle were in his band – They also backed up Tanya Tucker, Wanda Jackson, Dave Dudley etc.)
    • If you weren’t a musician, what would you be doing: I probably would have stayed in the Army
    • Day Job:  I own a mobile massage company and Im medically certified in massage.
    • Most proud moment:  Besides family events, Releasing this new album, I spent years writing and recording it and I wrote 10 of the 11 songs. Its the best work I have ever done in my life.
    • Crazy thing that happened in your music career: Too many to list, but I was doing a show in Miami once and I was introduced to a famous singer and he knew who I was…pretty cool
    • Fun Fact:  I play a lot of basketball.
    • Mantra:  Don’t worry about the small stuff, life is too short. Put the positive out in the world. Be kind.



  • The Shows

    Don’t miss an opportunity to see Houston Bernard live on stage. He plays all over the country, but has a few New England dates coming up. Check these out!

    Houston Bernard



  • The Social Network

    Be sure and keep up with Houston Bernard, his music, shows and life happenings. Follow him on social media by clicking on these links:


  • Pics and Posts

    Houston Bernard


    My new release, In My Blood. Its part of a full album ill release in January 2024. Here i was singing at a festival called “Sober in the sun” it took all my strength and focus not to crack my voice as i was baring my heart and aoul, getting chocked up about the challenges i have had with my family with drugs and alcohol. Lives destroyed and lost and i look out mainly in the darkness and i was overwhelmed by the silence of the audience listening and i know they were feeling the same thing. I knew they had loss and challneges and it broke my heart and it took everything in me not to break down in tears. I strummed a little harder sang with the emotions i was feeling to keep it together. Everytine i sing this song to audience especially or even just listen to the recording, i get goosebumps because to me this is real exposed life. I want them and you to know you are never alone. Stay strong, keep going and you will get through it. Get up everyday and move forward, try harder, upward and onward. Its the only option. #inmyblood #CountryMusic #OklahomaCountry #RedDirtCountry #TexasCountry #NewCountryMusic #familytradition

    ♬ original sound - Houston Bernard
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