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BOSTON, MA - JULY 4: Fireworks explode over the Charles River July 4, 2003 in Boston, Massachusetts. The Boston fireworks display was chosen to be taped and broadcast to American's overseas this 4th of July. More than a half-million people came out to take in the show. (Photo by Jessica Rinaldi/Getty Images)

Mitch has a family cottage on Cape Cod. Last summer his new neighbors set off fireworks every single night all summer, which scared his dog and kept his children up past their bedtime. Eventually he got so angry that he went over and yelled at them, only to discover they had lost a child who loved fireworks, and the nightly display was a rememberence of him. Mitch feels awful, but can’t handle another summer of nightly fireworks. What should he do?

  • How Do I Get My Neighbor To Stop Setting Off Fireworks Every Night?

  • What Do You Guys Think?