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I Found An Abandoned Expensive Steak in A Grocery Cart So I Took It. Someone Else Claimed It Was Her, But “Finders Keepers” Right?

Rachel was leaving the supermarket after shopping and saw that someone had left an expensive cut of steak in a shopping cart. It didn’t seem to belong to anyone, so she took it. Then someone came out of nowhere claiming it belonged to her, but she didn’t have a receipt. So Rachel said “finders keepers” and took the steak home. Would you have given the random woman the steak? Or is Rachel right that “Finders Keepers” is the rule of the supermarket?


Here’s Rachel’s Finders Keepers Story in Her Own Words


Jonathan: Today for panic button we have Rachel. Hey, Rachel.

Rachel: Hey. How’s it going?

Jonathan: Good. So you have quite the high stakes story there.

Ayla: I feel like I don’t get it.

Jonathan: All right, so, Rachel, what happened?

Rachel: I was at the grocery store the other day, and I was putting my cart back in one of those little cart stall things.

Ayla: Yep.

Rachel: And in the cart next to me, I saw a huge ribeye steak.

Ayla: Oh

Rachel: I looked around. No one was really round. So I grabbed it and I walked back to my car. And then all of a sudden, this lady, out of nowhere, just pulled into the parking lot. Se runs up to me and she starts screaming, Hey, that’s mine.

Ayla: Wow

Rachel: Give it back, that’s not yours. And I looked at her and said it was finders keepers. Where were you? I don’t think this is yours. And she just keeps yelling at me.

Ayla: You know it was hers, though.

Rachel: I mean, she literally had her car keys in her hand. She had her purse on.

Jonathan: Maybe she got started driving away and realized it.

Ayla: Oh, I spent $23 on that one. I should probably go back. Yeah.

Jonathan: Maybe she got home and realized she forgot it.

Rachel: But I asked her, do you have a receipt? And she’s like, well, well, no, I mean, but it’s mine. And I bought that. And I was like, well, you snooze, you lose. I don’t think this is yours.

Ayla: Jonathan, did I tell you about the time that I took bananas out of a cart once? Because they were left behind. So I could understand this for you? I kind of understand what you’re going through right now, in a way.

Rachel: Exactly

Ayla: But bananas are so much cheaper than a steak. I was at Trader Joe’s and there were just four bananas that were left in a cart, and I looked around. No one was coming toward me. No one was claiming these bananas. And I was like, finders keepers. So I took the bananas and I had one last night. It was delish. If it’s free. It’s for me.

Jonathan: Rachel, did this woman back down?

Rachel: No. She followed me to my car screaming thief! That’s mine!

Ayla: Okay. That was her steak then.

Jonathan: It definitely was hers.

Ayla: I see, in that case, I would give back the bananas.

Jonathan: You’d be ashamed.

Ayla: Oh, my God, I’m so sorry. I thought these were for nobody. So I took them. Here, take it back. But you, you miss Rachel, I think we should change your name because Miss Rachel’s a very sweet person.

Jonathan: Why should we change her name then? You’re mad at her?

Ayla: No, I’m just saying this.

Jonathan: Anyway, I’m actually on Rachel side.

Ayla: Because finders keepers.

Jonathan: Yeah. And maybe the audience can help me with this. I’m not sure why, but it gets to a different thresh level of pricing.

Ayla: It becomes different.

Jonathan: So it’s risky.

Ayla: Kind of.

Rachel: Risky. Yeah.

Jonathan: Well no, then if it’s so expensive then how do you forget it?

Rachel: Right. Yeah.

Ayla: Oh, so it’s her fault?

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