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Would you give a girl you just met another chance if she ended up getting so drunk she puked? Wes went with his boys to see Walker Hayes. When they were pregaming they met some girls and Wes really liked this one girl. They exchanged numbers and were texting through the show, but when they met up after she was black out drunk and puked all over herself. Now she’s texting him and clearly doesn’t remember throwing up. Wes is conflicted because he really liked her, but is the drinking too much of a red flag to look past?

Ayla Brown: And good morning to West now. I don’t know if anyone heard, but the other day I was like, hey, Walker Hayes came to Boston. If anyone went to the show and had something crazy happen, let me know because I’m always curious on shows that I don’t actually attend and I hear Something kind of wild happened with you at the Walker Hayes Show. Hi, West.

Wes: Hi there.

Ayla Brown: Hi. How was the show?

Wes: It was a pretty good show. Yeah, it was a good time. So I was at the show and I had a question.

Ayla Brown: Oh, what is it?

Wes: So at the concert, my friend and I, we ended up meeting a group of girls, and we got to talking with them, and one of the girls kind of caught my eye. You know, she was a very cute brunette wearing cowboy boots. We got to talking, and I ended up getting her number.

Ayla Brown: Okay, this all seems like it’s going great so far.

Wes: Yeah, so far, so good. And later on in the night, when we were we were heading out, I ended up seeing her again, you know, super excited. Like I wanted to contact her when I got home and stuff. And so I saw her on her way out and she was I mean, I felt like I saw a totally different person.

Ayla Brown: What do you mean? She was stumbling over?

Wes: She was drunk. No, I mean, just super trashy, like throwing up, like puke and all. She puked actually, in front of me.

Ayla Brown: Oh, that must have been so embarrassing for her.

Wes: I think it was embarrassing for everyone. Yeah.

Ayla Brown: Poor soul. Bless her heart.

Wes: But I did not recognize her. And I talked to her earlier. And the thing is, she’s been texting me, about like, Oh, we should hang out. What are you doing? Like, we should go to Applebee’s, you know?

Ayla Brown: And you’re like, How about no, how about you go to the nearest toilet and throw up? No, I’m getting it. What did you say when she said we should go on a date?

Wes: I didn’t really know what to say. I was just kind of like, Yeah, totally. I was. I mean, I’ve been trying to kind of put it off.

Ayla Brown: So you don’t want to go out with her or do you? Or like, what? What’s the question here?

Wes: I don’t know. She was really she was really great before that. But, you know, then she’s turned into messy trash bag all of a sudden. So do I judge her based on one night at the end of a concert or, you know, should I give her a chance? Anyway, that’s kind of my question.

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