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Lucas attended a wedding where the guests were specifically told there were “no phones allowed”. Lucas opted to put his phone to “do not disturb” instead of turning it off, but when his mother called it rang anyway. And he picked it up. In the middle of the wedding. He was worried it might be an emergency, but she was just inviting him over for dinner. The bride was so angry that she is now fighting with his girlfriend who is angry at him. But if your mother called during a “no phones allowed” wedding, would you pick it up just in case?

Jonathan: Today for panic button, we have Lucas, who did the whole, speak now forever hold your peace thing. Apparently he couldn’t hold his peace. Let’s go to Lucas. What do you have to say about this, Lucas?

Lucas: Well, I went to a wedding with my girlfriend, and, honestly, the bride she was a real bridezilla. She was caught up on having the perfect wedding and everything like that. And she had a no phones allowed rule for her wedding ceremony, which I thought personally was a little ridiculous. She wanted everyone to even put their phone in a bag. Going into the family like she was some sort of celebrity.

Jonathan: Like she’s Dave Chappelle.

Ayla: She’s like J.Lo on her sixth wedding. Put your phone in the bag. I’ve actually been to weddings where they’ve had a no phone, no photo policy during the ceremony. And I was like, come on, I want to use my phone. But they insisted we need to use the photographer’s photos. So I’m actually, Lucas, kind of in your similar position with the whole no phone thing. It’s weird.

Jonathan: Yeah, I don’t think it’s that weird. So what happened Lucas?

Lucas: Well, I didn’t put my phone in the “no phones allowed” bag. I left my phone on emergency mode. You know, only emergency calls will get through, which I thought would be fine. But then my phone started ringing during the ceremony.

Ayla: No.

Lucas: Yeah.

Ayla: Who called?

Lucas: Well, it was my mom. Okay. I thought my mom doesn’t call me that often, so I picked it up.

  • Well You Had To Know That Was Going To Happen......

    Jonathan: So what’s going on in the ceremony while this is happening? Your phone’s ringing. Are they speaking, or is it just music playing at this point?

    Lucas: No. It was like right in the ceremony.

    Ayla: Oh, jeez. They’re getting married.

    Jonathan: Oh my God. Okay.

    Lucas: One minute they’re doing their vows and everything. Yeah, my phone went off.

    Jonathan: Okay.

    Ayla: I bet the bride went off, too.

    Jonathan: So, your phone goes off. It’s your mom calling. Was it important? Was it an emergency? Did you answer? What did you do?

    Lucas: It wasn’t even an emergency. I’m embarrassed about that. I answered the phone. My mom was just asking me about if I could come visit her for dinner.

    Jonathan: Okay. Your mom was just inviting you to dinner, and you picked up the phone. Wait, I know it was your mom, but could that have waited?

    Lucas: I mean, I thought it was an emergency. You know?

    Ayla: It’s his mama. He’s a mama’s boy.

    Jonathan: So you’re thinking it’s an emergency that she’s in the hospital. So somebody’s using her phone to call him?

    Ayla: No, he said he doesn’t hear from his mom very often, so she called. I would have picked up.

    Jonathan: First of all, I don’t believe him. Lucas sounds like a mama’s boy, and she’s calling to invite him for dinner. Like they don’t have a very close relationship?

    Ayla: Cut him some slack.

    Jonathan: All right. Okay. What happened after you took the call? Was it just uncomfortable, or did somebody say something?

    Lucas: It was really uncomfortable. The bride ended up really going off on my girlfriend. Obviously she was upset. In her eyes her perfect wedding was ruined. I guess she required absolute silence and everything would be perfect for her perfect ceremony, right?

    Jonathan: All right. So did your girlfriend yell at you?

    Lucas: My girlfriend was upset with me. Yeah.

    Jonathan: Well, she probably saw you pass the basket and you’re like, I’m not putting my phone in there. She’s like, I know what’s going to happen. Yeah, I just know exactly what’s going to happen.

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