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an apple and a sandwhich with a brown bag.

Susan was a stay at home mom who used to pack a nice lunch for her husband and son every day. Now that she’s gone back to work, she meal preps on Sundays for the week. But her husband says the lunches get stale so he’s been throwing out his Thursday and Friday lunches. Can you believe her husband throws out the lunches she makes for him?

Ayla Brown: Hi, Susan. How are you?

Susan: I’m okay but I have a little dilemma going on in my life.

Ayla Brown: Okay. So what is it? That’s why we’re here.

Susan: All right. So, you know, I’ve been mostly a stay at home mom, which I’ve loved. I mean, I haven’t resented it. And I’m really hands on with everything and I make lunch for my kids and my husband every day. But now, the kids are in school and now bored. And so I went back to work.

Ayla Brown: Nice. And now what do you do?

Susan: I develop software.

Ayla Brown: Oh, my gosh. That’s incredible.

But I like being back at work. I just like the activity and using my brain more than for making meals and such and cleaning. So I make my husband and my kids lunch. I used to make them lunch every day, and be really creative kind of lunches, you know, like a lot of recipes and stuff, just leave little notes and all that. But now that I’m working, I’m tired. I’m too tired.

Ayla Brown: Amen, sister.

Susan: You know, to get up early and make them a lunch, you know? So I’ve been compartmentalizing by making the weeks worth of lunch and just putting it in the fridge labeled Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, like that.

Ayla Brown: So a lot of meal prep. That doesn’t sound bad.

Yeah, that’s not bad. Right? So I’ve been doing that. The kids are fine with it. But then I find out my husband has been taking the lunches. But on Thursdays and Fridays, he’s been going out to eat lunch or something. Because I found receipts

Ayla Brown: No, he is not.

Susan: Yes. So he’s tossing these lunches that I made out. I mean it’s a waste, you know? And he could just tell me on Thursday and Friday, I’d rather just go get something to eat.

Ayla Brown: You found out that he’s lying and he’s buying things behind your back, throwing out your hard work. Well, what are you making throughout the week? Because you said you used to put in a lot of time into lunches.

Susan: Well, that’s pretty much a mix and match thing like, if I made a meatloaf. Right. That would be a meatloaf sandwich. I do slack off every now and then and do like, you know, a PB and J kind of peanut butter jelly thing. And the kids don’t mind. The fact is, it’s good enough for the kids, but it’s not good enough for him. You know?

Ayla Brown: I’m just picturing you’ve made a sandwich. You’ve made a whole string of sandwiches on a Sunday night and you pack them. You probably wrap them up in, like, plastic wrap and a sandwich bag. And then you put a snack right in bags. I get it. Your hard work. But by Thursday and Friday, don’t you think maybe the reason he’s throwing out the PB and J is because the bread is, like, soggy by then?

Susan: Bread lasts in the fridge. So it’s just fine.

Ayla Brown: I don’t know, like five days later. I’m just playing devil’s advocate. I know you’ve worked so hard on these meals.

Susan: Maybe Friday. Okay, I’ll give you Friday, but I’m not giving up Thursday. I think it’s good on a Thursday.

Ayla Brown: Okay. Okay. So you want to know if you have a point here, right, Susan?

Susan: Well, because I want to show him the receipts that I found.

Ayla Brown: What is this you’re throwing away my cooking?

Susan: Thank you. Love you guys.

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