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Jenna was so excited to win a raffle. She won a few hundred dollars, but then she was shamed when she didn’t donate her winnings back to the charity. But what is the point of winning a raffle if you don’t get to keep the money? What do you do when you win a raffle?

Ayla Brown: And good morning, Jenna. First of all, congratulations. Winner, winner, chicken dinner. I hear you won something at an event, and that’s what you’re calling it about. So what happened?

Jenna: I did. I won. I attended a charity auction last week. And it was for children’s cancer. So it was for a really, really, really good cause. And you know how they those 5050 raffle things up?

Ayla Brown: I forgot to put my name in.

Jenna: I bought five tickets. I put them in and I won.

Ayla Brown: How much? I’m so excited for you. How much did you win?

Jenna: I won $212.

Ayla Brown: So specific.

Jenna: I know, but it was.

Ayla Brown: You never know in those things how much people are going to donate. So that means that the total was. Oh, gosh, Jim, I’m so bad. About $424. Yes. I got one thing right. So you got 212 bucks and you won. They pulled your ticket.

Jenna: I never win anything. I was so excited. It’s so great. I get home and I’m telling my friends I even made a little post on social media, like, Ooh, I won. And I’ve been planning to go on this vacation. Okay, great. This is a great seed money for my vacation. I’m so excited about it. And then the feedback starts coming in, so I’m like, What is the problem? And people are like you’re supposed to give that money back. No, that is not how the game is played.

Ayla Brown: Jenna, I know technically it’s not how the game has played, but it was a charity event, correct? It was raising money for children’s cancer and you decided to keep the money. I guess rules are rules in your book, right? You’re thinking you won fair and square. But most people, at least at the events that I’ve been to, always seem to win the money, but then donate it back to the cause.

Jenna: Do they? Cause this is my first one, and I was so excited that I won and I’m getting all swag and okay. And I’m just like, well, you know, this is like for me, for my vacation. I’m so excited. So it’s been really, really hard.

Ayla Brown: Live. Let me do you a favor, okay? I’m going to throw it out to the phones and I want people to call in with their honest opinions whether or not they’ve been in a situation like this. Maybe they were a winner like you. Or maybe they’ve been to an event where someone won something. Do you donate the money back to the great cause or do you keep it? Is there an unwritten rule when it comes to those charitable donations?

Jenna: Hey, thank you. And I, you know, I want to keep my money.

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