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When I was a kid ice pops were serious business. The freezer was always stocked with a rainbow of colors. If you wanted a blue (most popular in my house) you had to unravel that roll of pops like a red carpet then cut it out with precision accuracy then roll it back up so your brothers and sisters didn’t notice that you cheated and “skipped the line” to get to the best flavor. The people at Shane.co did a little research and found each state’s favorite flavor of freeze pop – didn’t we all have a favorite color? See if your state agrees with your fav… mine doesn’t… but that’s ok I’m pretty much an equal opportunity freeze pop consumer.

First of all, what do we call them??

  • Popsicle

    “Popsicle” is the most popular term for the pops – Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Nebraska, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, and West Virginia call them “popsicles.” To me a popsicle has a stick, so no.

  • Freeze Pop

    “Freeze Pop” is the second most popular term for these summer staples. Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island call them freeze pops! So does Delaware, Louisiana, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Virginia.

  • Otter Pops

    WTF? “Otter Pops?” That sounds like a brand name not the category! BUT… it’s tied with Freeze Pops for second with 10 states referring to them as Otter Pops. Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, and West Virginia refer to them that way.

  • Freezer Pops

    “Freezer Pops” is the most popular way to call the pops in 9 states – South Carolina, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Tennessee all call them “Freezer Pops.”

  • Ice Pop

    “Ice Pop” is the most popular term in just 4 states but it’s what I call them, perhaps because I was born in New Jersey and lived there for 9 years,. Ice Pop is most popular in New Jersey – and in Connecticut, Florida, and Virginia.

  • Freezies

    “Freezies” (or “Freezie Pops”) is what they call them in two states: Wisconsin and Minnesota.


    Your favorite pop is BLUE or Blue Raspberry if you actually call it by the flavor. (Who actually does that??)


    Your favorite is BLUE as well.


    Score another for BLUE.


    BLUE!!! I see a New England trend forming here. BLUE was most popular BTW, taking 33 states!


    Way to be different Bay State. The favorite Freeze Pop flavor in Massachusetts is RED….. I mean cherry.

    No matter what flavor you personally love most, enjoy that summertime treat! Also – how good is the juice you get to suck out at the end?! Mmmm mmm mmm!!