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We all have them. That one, okay maybe two or three, junk food favorite we find hard to resist. To celebrate National Junk Food Day,I’ll dig deep and look into some of the tried and true timeless faves. Some like it sweet, some like it salty, and then of course there’s the combo sweet and salty! Winner. I’ve long had an obsession with Swedish Fish. I can’t remember when it began, it’s been an investment, let’s put it like that. Over the years, I’ve posted pix with my beloved fish, on beaches, at airports, in studio and even handed Taylor Swift a pack at the Red album release event for radio. (She was very appreciative, as yes, they were red Swedish Fish, as she loves them too!) Since my first post of love for the chewly, little, jellied sweet treats, I’ve received many Swedish Fish birthday and Christmas gifts. The icing on the cake was a cake made to look like a bag of fishies, a stroke of artistic genius from Cakes By Erin.

Swedish Fish in headphones  Swedish fish cake with Kruser

Some of us love the classics like Doritos and Baby Ruth bars. Other’s go for newer versions of a classic, like Skinny Pop, which is definitley lower in calories, but still junk food. Granola bars are even considered junk food, just a little less junkie, I guess. Eat This Not That shared a list of favorite junk food from every state. You might be surprised to know what the popular choices were in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island, as well as the other New England states, and around the country!

Candy and at home snacks aren’t our only junk food go-to’s. We also love our fast food. Oh, the choices! McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Burger King, Wendy’s, Arby’s, Domino’s Starbucks, Pizza Hut. But,leave it to Massachusetts to be different than most of the country. Find out what our fast food favorite is. I bet you can guess. See the answer below, and thanks to Appliance Analysts to maping it all out for us!


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