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It’s no secret that we all love Morgan Wallen. While Dolly Parton may be the Queen of Country, Morgan Wallen has become the King of Country. From You Proof to The Way I talk, his songs have become hits across the board. But Morgan Wallen is in the news for reasons unrelated to music: his friendship with rapper Jelly Roll.

Jelly Roll, as reported by Music Mayhem, has dubbed Morgan Wallen “the king of country music right now.” Jelly Roll initially met Wallen through a mutual friend, and the friendship was confirmed in 2022 while co-hosting the Country Countdown. Since then, the two have gone out of their way to support each other.


  • A Friendship Beyond Music

    Wallen and Jelly Roll’s friendship has transcended music. According to Jelly Roll, Wallen has been there for him personally, not just professionally.

    “I tell you what, it doesn’t hurt when the biggest artist in the genre has your back. Definitely. So I’ve been, I mean, I couldn’t have asked for a better friend at a better time.”

  • "Real Guy in a Town Full of Fakes"

    As Jelly Roll put it, “That’s the truth. There’s a lot of fake smiles in country music, and Morgan Wallen is the real f***ing deal.”

    But the love doesn’t stop there! Wallen has gone on the record to show his support of Jelly Roll.

    “I know him through ERNEST. I think ERNEST has known him a good while,” Wallen previously said. “…. Jelly’s always in a good mood and wants to make sure everyone has a great time. He’s always really respectful…. I see how other people treat other people who may not have as much stature as me or as much success as me, and I see him treat them the same. That’s what I look for when it comes to a man. I’m glad to see him having the success he’s having, and he’s super talented on top of being that. It’s good to see good people winning.”

  • Who is Jelly Roll?

    For those who don’t know him, Jelly Roll is the rapper who put out the hit song Deadman Walking in 2021.

    In May 2022, “Dean Man Walking” officially secured the No. 1 spot on Mediabase’s Active Rock Radio Chart!

  • Two Tennessee Boys

    We all know Morgan Wallen is a southern boy at heart. From the way he talks to the way he dresses, Morgan Wallen is Tennessee through and through. But did you know that Jelly Roll is also from Tennessee?

    While their friendship isn’t based on their location, it clearly helps!

  • Tennessee Fan

    Will Morgan Wallen and Jelly Roll be cheering on the Vols together? I guess only time will tell! But with the way their friendship is developing, I have no doubt we will be seeing more of them.

  • Wallen: “Jelly’s always in a good mood and wants to make sure everyone has a great time. He’s always really respectful, and you just see how people treat people,”

    Their friendship isn’t one sided… Morgan clearly supports Jelly Roll just as much as Jelly Roll supports Morgan.

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  • Jelly Roll: "He's the 800-pound gorilla"

  • Morgan Wallen is more than real guy in a fake town...

    He’s also one of the hottest (not popular, but literally hot) artists in country music! In case you forgot, check out this post highlighting his best features…

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  • Will Morgan Wallen write for Jelly Roll next?

    Morgan Wallen has been writing songs for other artists for years. From hits such as Whiskey Me Away by Jason Aldean to Cooter Brown by Colt Ford, Morgan has been writing bangers for years.

    But with Morgan Wallen and Jelly Rolls friendship now so public, one can only wonder if his next song will be for Jelly Roll!

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