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This is just the gift we wanted heading into the holiday season! Kane Brown hit it out of the park with some big news he shared this morning. Upon, just waking, the multi-platinum selling, award winning artist called to let his New England fans know he is coming to town.

But this isn’t just any summer concert. This one is special. The venue, the artists, the timing, all coming together in one hell of an experience for your concert calendar. The time is right. Kane Brown’s hard work and tremendous growth over the past 7 years has led him to this.

Let’s break it down and spill all the beans. Kane talks about the tour, the new single, his kids, his growth as an artist and more. We play a game called “Kane Curveball.”

The full audio interview is included below, but here are some highlights from our chat.

  • A great reason to get out of bed

    Kruser: Hey Kane Brown, what’s going on man?

    Kane: “I’m good. Just waking up.“

    Kruser: I can hear that in your voice. I know it’s a very good reason to wake up and get you out of bed for some very big news you have to share with all of your Boston fans and Country 1025 listeners

    Kane: “Yeah! We get to play Fenway!”

    Baltimore Orioles v Boston Red Sox

    (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)


  • We've Got A Date

    Kruser: Details Kane, we need details.

    Kane: “So, we’re playing June 23rd Never thought I’d play there. So excited!”

    *(lineup and ticket info revealed below)

    Kruser: You’ve already done the home of the Celtics, the TD Garden, you’ve done across the Street from Fenway and the Xfinity Center. But now, finally we get you at Fenway Park.

    Kane: Yeah! I’ve played the street outside of Fenway too (Country 1025 Street Party)

    Kane Brown and Kruser


  • "Thank God"

    Kruser: Let’s talk about your current single with your wife, Katelyn, “Thank God,” from the Different Man album. How long was this duet in the making, like to work together?

    Kane: “Well, we’ve been looking for like six years. And then the song just- we had like four different songs and then this one just fell in my lap from one of the writers in my publishing group, that was originally just for me. When I heard it, it reminded me so much of Kate, that we turned it into a duet.”

    Kruser: Do you think that Katelyn will actually come out on stage at Fenway to sing it with you?

    Kane: “Oh, course. You know, she’s a beast, so I’m really excited for that as well.”

  • Girl Dad

    Kruser: How are the kids?

    Kane: “They’re great. They’re growing! Personalities are changing a little big every day. Every day something new happens.”

    Kruser: What’s one of the best things about being a dad

    Kane: “Oh, I think just seeing like the personality, I love…just like, it sounds really weird, but my favorite thing with them right now is chasing them.”

    Kruser: How are your girls different?

    Kane: “Well right now they are both the same, super happy and you know joyful.”

  • A Different Man

    Kruser: How do you think you’ve really grown in this time? (since the first single, “Used To Love You Sober.”)’

    Kane: “I think I’ve grown the most in performing, and just being comfortable on stage. It used to be like a hard thing for me. Now, it’s just kinda my element.”

    Kruser: I would imagine after a while it does become your comfort zone because you do it so much

    Kane: “Yeah, definitely a completely different person on stage and off.”

    Kruser: As it should be. I mean, it’s not like you’re going to go home and put on a show in your kitchen.

    Kane: “There’s some artists that are like that.”

    Kruser: Yeah? Who do you know who’s like that of your famous friends?

    Kane: “Jon Pardi’s always the same. Without Pardi, there’s no Pardi! And Aldean’s pretty much the same.”

    The Ally Challenge - Round Two

    (Photo by Mike Mulholland/Getty Images)

  • Curveball Kane Game

    Kruser: Do you know the name of the big green wall at Fenway Park where you can find the old timey scoreboard?

    Kane: “Oh, man. It’s the, uh, the Green Monster, right?”

    Kruser: If you were to go to bat, what would your walk up song be?

    Kane: “If I was going to bat? Yeah. Oh man, I also just did a charity event and I had a walkup song. I picked…. “(listen to our interview below for the answer to this and other answers in our game)

    Hilton Honors Members Experience All-Access Exclusive Performance By Kane Brown

    (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images for Hilton)

  • The All Star Roster At Fenway Park

    The Kane Brown Drunk or Dreaming Tour coming to Fenway June 23 has quite the lineup!

    Kane: “We’re bringing Darius Rucker, Gabby Barrett and the group Restless Road”

    Music Business Association Awards And Hall Of Fame Dinner

    (Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Music Business Association)


  • Tickets! Get Your Tickets Heah!

    Tickets for Kane Brown’s Drunk or Dreaming Tour with Darius Rucker, Gabby Barrett and Restless Road go on sale Wednesday November 30! Starting at 10am on November 30, tickets will be available at

    You can enter to win tickets to Kane’s concert at Fenway HERE!

    Kane: “I can’t wait to see you. Thank you so much for your time.”

    Kruser: Happy Thanksgiving

    Kane: “Happy Thanksgiving!”

    Kane Brown

  • Listen To The Interview With Kane Brown

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