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It’s a new tradition. Gillette Stadium’s signature lighthouse was reimagined as a new 22-story structure with an amazing observation deck to be enjoyed by fans all year long (opening in October). Someone with tight connections to New England and/or Patriots fandom will be named “Keeper of the Light.” Their duties include ringing the ceremonial bell inside the new lighthouse, signaling that it’s game time!

Tom Brady was absolutely fitting as the first Keeper of the Light and bell-dinger for the season opener. Kenny Chesney, who has sold out Gillette Stadium more times than any other music artist, was Keeper of the Light at the Patriots second home game. He posted about it afterwards:

So now the question is, who’s next? Also, will this tradition die a quick death if the Pats just keep losing? So far we’ve had two amazing bell-dingers… and two losses. This is the first season the Patriots have started 0-2 since waaaaaaaaaaaayyyy back in 2001. So if the slide continues much longer, the lighthouse might be torn to the ground by an angry herd of superstitious Patriots fans. OK… hopefully that doesn’t happen. A) because damaging property is a no-no and B) hopefully because we go on to win all of our remaining games and the Super Bowl.

Anyway… it’s a fun topic! Who should be our “Keepers of the Light” lighthouse bell-dingers for the remainder of the season? Or in the future in general? To be clear, if a list exists of “Schedule of Bell-Dingers” I haven’t seen it. However, if you have you know more than me. But ignorance is bliss in this case because we’re going to swing for the fences (baseball analogy in a football article, really?) and nominate some good picks for future Keepers of the Light.

If you have a good recommendation, comment who you think would make a good Keeper of the Light and I’ll add some to the list below!

  • Elliott from Jordan's Furniture

    I feel like I’ve watched more Elliott (through years of Jordans commercials) than I have most TV stars. I’ve gotten to hang with him too… and the guy is cooler than you’d even hope. He’d look great ringing that bell!

  • Mark Wahlberg

    Mark Wahlberg
    Do I even need to explain this one? Mark Wahlberg is like King of Massachusetts and the Wahlbergs are our burger-slinging royal family. Maybe that was stated a little strongly but you get it.

  • John Cena

    John Cena is another Massachusetts favorite. Hailing from West Newbury, MA – the only problem is, if he does ring the bell nobody will be able to see him. Then everybody will think the new lighthouse is haunted.

  • Captain America

    Chris Evans is from Sudbury, MA. How perfect would it be if he rang the bell one week… decked out as the ultimate patriot: Captain America!

  • Stewie from Family Guy

    Seth MacFarlane grew up in Connecticut. He went to school in Rhode Island and got his start doing stand-up in Providence. That’s too much New England on the resume not to have Stewie ding that bell! Or Seth MacFarlane. Take your pick.

  • Fannie from Frugal Fannies

    Yes, I’m aware that her actual name is Kathleen Doxer but she’ll always be Fannie to me! I used to love “singing” along with her commercials, joining in to speak “closed Tuesdays” in unison with her. Oh, you didn’t do that too? Ummmm…..

  • King Richard (from the Faire)

    King Richard’s Faire runs parallel with the start of the football season and who hasn’t devoured a turkey leg while pretending you were living in Renaissance times in Carver? King Richard AND Queen Carmella should ding that bell! His hand might slip right off that dinger rope though from all that slippery turkey juice so I hope he brings a wet nap. Did they have wet naps back then?

  • Wally

    Speaking of cross-promotes, I’d love to see Wally out of his element and away from the Green Monster, dinging that bell at Gillette!

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