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A singer/songwriter who is as sassy as she is sweet. Tall on talent with no shortage of personality…meet Lexi James from Boxford, my Local Catch of the Week! The Massachusetts native is now living her best life in York, Maine. You’ll hear her new song, find out where to see her live and learn a little more bout this New England treasure.

Lexi James was the very first artist to win New England Sings, a singing competition run Kara DioGuardi, the Grammy winning, multi-platinum selling songwriter and former American Idol judge. In her musical journey, Lexi James has also collected 3 New England Music Award nominations. More importantly, her musical trek has allowed her to gain the experience to feel confident on stage. Lexi lights up a room with fire and fearlessness, as you’ll find watching any of her live videos.

Fearless and Fiery In Music and Life

You’ll discover the fearlessness of this musician. A neurogenic deterrent couldn’t hold back this star from shining brightly. In fact, her condition only drove James to work harder. Ultimately, a deep love of music was stronger than any anxiety over a disability. Find out more about Lexi’s triumphant battle, below.

Facing fears in a relationship is something we all experience. Lexi channels her valor in life into song, to emerge the victor, with her latest release, “Leaving Me Slowly.” Facing the end of a relationship and coming to grips with that reality isn’t easy, but someone has to do. In this song, James jumps in to confront the issue and the outcome.

Honestly, following this remarkable women’s music, story and thoughts is like a journey. There are hills, valleys and victories. Lexi is thoroughly entertaining, whether on stage, on social media or in music. Come along for the voyage of a New England artist and discover a bright light in Lexi James from Boxford, my Local Catch of the Week.

  • The Music

    ” Listen to “Leaving Me Slowly,” a song Lexi says she wrote this one with another New England native, Steve Vito. She went on to say, “This was actually the first song we ever wrote together. He had this really cool track he’d been messing around with and we just started bouncing random ideas off of each other and this song wrote itself REALLY fast! It’s about dating someone or being in a relationship with someone and having that moment when you know that other person just doesn’t want to be with you anymore. You feel the breakup coming but the other person is dragging it out or just won’t be honest with you and end it. So the song is about feeling frustrated and just wanting to tell them to get it over with already because it’s better than the weird limbo of still being together but knowing it’s over.” 

    Push play to hear “Leaving Me Slowly”


    Lexi James


  • 2. The Story

    • Lives in: York, ME
    • Grew up in: Boxford, MA
    • Current single: “Leaving Me Slowly”
    • What lead you to music: I have always loved to sing. I was singing and putting on “shows” for my family starting when I was around 6 or 7 and I started writing when I was in high school. I developed a stutter when I was 10 and music became my escape. I don’t stutter when I sing so it was the one place I never had any anxiety about it. However, my love of music forced me to face those fears about stuttering head-on. You can’t just sing…you have to talk on stage, give interviews, post content on social media. Music is still an escape from a lot of things in life but I no longer feel like I have to escape my stutter or be ashamed of it and I have music to thank for that.
    • How would you describe your sound: Country pop with a bit of a rock flare. But I also think varies depending on the song. Some of my songs are more pop-sounding, some lean more toward rock, and some even have a bit of a blues feel. I love all different kinds of music so I like to include different feels and sounds depending on what the song calls for
    • Who inspires you: I have a lot of different musical influences. I love all different genres so I’m inspired by many people. Vocally, Whitney Houston was a HUGE one for me. Eva Cassidy was also a prominent one. (If you don’t know her, LOOK HER UP NOW.) Celine Dion, The Eagles, Keith Urban, Bon Jovi, Meatloaf, Dolly Parton, Elvis, and too many others to list. Another musical inspiration for me is my stepdad, Chris. He’s been playing music his entire life and I am always amazed by his work ethic, knowledge of the industry, and talent have always been inspiring to me. He was the first one who encouraged me to pursue my love of music and I would not be where I am without him. On a personal note, my mom is my biggest inspiration. She’s the most hardworking, selfless, giving, and kind person I’ve ever met. She also has an awesome Boston accent and the attitude to match so she always cracks me up.
    •  Awards/accolades: First-ever New England Sings winner (Contest run by Grammy award-winning, multi-platinum-selling songwriter, Kara DioGuardi.) – Best of Tin Pan South Songwriting Seminar Finalist. – Three-time New England Music Award Nominee.
    • Dream duet partner: Keith Urban. Hands down!
    • Favorite country throwback song and/or favorite current song (or songs): Throwback: Should’ve Been a Cowboy. I’ve always loved Toby Keith, he was one of the first country artists I really fell in love with, so I’ve been bingeing all of his music since he passed. Current songs: Hummingbird – Carly Pearce and Last Rodeo – Restless Road. And of course, all of the new Justin Timberlake album because I’m a boyband baby 😉
    • First country concert: Keith Urban in 2009! I’ve seen him 3 times and he is without a doubt the most incredible concert I’ve ever been to.
    • Day Job: Music full time and I’m currently in school full time studying psychology.
    • Most proud moment: In music – DEFINITELY getting to sing on stage with Charlie Daniels. The most surreal experience in my musical career. A personal proud moment though was the first time I ever talked on stage. Because of my stutter, I was TERRIFIED to talk on stage and avoided it for a while. The other guys in my band would do all of the talking. The first time I did it for myself, was a turning point for me personally and professionally.
    • Crazy thing that happened in your music career:  Charlie Daniels was crazy good for sure! I was also lucky enough to have James Stroud produce my EP ‘Brave.’ He produced so many of Toby Keith’s biggest hits from “How Do You Like Me Now?!” to “As Good As I Once Was” to “Courtesy of The Red, White, and Blue”. It was an honor to work with him.
    • Other things you like to do: I LOVE spending time with my family. I’m a big foodie so I love trying new restaurants. I also love true crime shows and podcasts so I’m listening to and watching those pretty much daily. I also love to go to the shooting range although I haven’t had a chance to do that in a while!
    • Fun facts: Despite having a stutter, I literally never stop talking haha -I am the most forgetful person I know. It drives my mom crazy. -If I had to give up savory food and just eat dessert for the rest of my life, I would be more than content with that. –‘Titanic’ is my favorite movie and I can recite…almost all of the 3+ hour movie. I’m also OBSESSED with coffee. I basically never drink alcohol, but I would DIE without coffee haha
    • Mantra: Personally, “One day at a time” has become a really big one for me. I’m a textbook overthinker and I tend to get ahead of myself instead of living in the moment and taking things one step at a time. Reminding myself that all we can do, in life and in music, is take it one day and one step at a time has become very comforting for me.

  • The Shows

    See Lexi performing live, all around New England! Here are her upcoming show dates:

    • MARCH 28: Urban Wild – Boston, MA @ 8:00pm
    • MAY 4:  Erik’s Church – Windham, ME @8:00pm
    • MAY 11: The Anchorage- Sunapee, NH @8:00pm
    • MAY 17: Splitsville– Foxboro, MA @9:00pm
    • MAY 25: Bonfire– Manchester, NH @9:00pm

    Lexi James

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  • Pics and Posts

    Lexi James


    Lexi James



    Put @Chris Stapleton on literally anything and I’m in. And @Carly Pearce and her angel voice? What a perfect combo. Favorite song at the moment. #lexijames #singersongwriter #artist #countrymusic #countrypop #carlypearce #chrisstapleton #cover 👌🏼🤍

    ♬ original sound - Lexi James
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