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Kruser’s Local Catch

Catching up with this artist-in-constant-motion, proved a little challenging. But it was worth the effort to spotlight Ben O’Connor for you. Currently living on the road, Ben is a high-in-demand artist. He is a gypsy of country music. O’Connor takes his songs, show, and band with him all over the country, performing primarily for private and corporate events. His home is the bus and the road is his life.

Talking to the Rhode Island native, it’s clear his passion is driving him every mile along the way. And his love of music and our country keeps him fueled. He finds inspiration in the diversity of an audience, in his family and in meeting people on his journey. Ben O’Connor is a gifted songwriter. Listen to his newest offering, “Liberty,” and you’ll be steeped in his sentiment for patriotism. Ben delivers his message of devotion to country, which has long been covered in country music, with a contemporary flair. It’s refreshing to hear a voice willing to cross aisles and bring people together, in a time we need it most.

Get to know this talented singer and storyteller in the pages below.

  • Listen to Ben

    Take a listen to the latest Ben O’Connor song, “Liberty.” He says, “this song really stems from just my love of America and where we live. A lot of what I do, and what I love doing is performing for veterans, first responders anybody who serves. When I was little I met my great uncle, who had served in world war II. I knew him for a very short time, but he shared many stories about the war, showed us his uniform, and as I grew older I just appreciated him and those who serve. So, this song reflects conversations I had with him, and other veterans.



    Ben O'connor


  • All about Ben

    * From: Middletown/Newport Rhode Island

    * Now lives in: On the road! Literally living on his bus, traveling to gigs around the country

    * Current single: “Liberty”

    * What lead you to music: Around 7 or 8 years old I learned the lyrics to Brad Paisley’s Mud on the Tires. I remember sitting on the floor in front of a CD player and writing the lyrics down, so I could sing along. In junior year I learned to play guitar, and that was game changing for me. But we always were listening to Kenny Chesney. My mom went through cancer twice and during that time music played a big role.

    * First song you learned on guitar: “Beer With Jesus” by Thomas Rhett

    * Instruments: Guitar, vocals, basic piano, and learning dobro

    * Who inspires you: I have a great family. I’ve got 4 brothers. 2 great parents and my lady, Olivia, who works harder than anyone I know. She’ll always give me the truth, and pushes me.

    * Dream duet partner: For females I’ve always loved the sound of Nora Jones and Colby Caillet. In country, Kelsea Ballerini and Danielle Bradbury. Male duet partners- Thomas Rhett, Kenny Chesney

    * First country concert: I don’t remember much about my first, but it was definitely Toby Keith at Mohegan Sun,  and I was like 4 years old. And the first I remember was Kenny Chesney

    * Last job: The last job I had before becoming a full time musician was working long days on fishing/charter boats out of Newport

    * Most proud moment: I played a show in NYC during Bike week and Gay Pride week and we had a melting pot of bikers and LGBTQ community. I played a song about my love of this country called “Nation That I Know,” it was about coming together for the sake of those we lost. The most magical moment was at the end of the song. People from both sides of the room come up and tell me how much they loved the song and how much it meant to them. That made me feel like I made it. It meant more than any award.

    * Other things you like to do: Being out in nature, being on or near the water, mountains constant motion, traveling and meeting people and video games.

    * Fun facts: Everywhere I go I seek out where to get Acai bowls. I love learning about infrastructure, highways, bridges and how the power grid works. I used to mimmick the sound of the bell and trick everybody to leave class early.

    *Mantra: Always be grateful. Somebody somewhere always has it worse.

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