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Trying to come up with the right words to describe the sound of Hope Shanley’s music is not easy. She’s a little Johnny Cash, a little Gretchen Wilson, and maybe a little Terri Clark. Hope’s vibe is cool like Cash. It’s a litte edgy like Gretchen. And she leans toward a traditional, lower register vocal like Clark. The Raynham, MA native is a stand out in a country world full of pop. It’s refreshing to hear a classic take on modern music. And Shanley slays at the unique when it comes to her vocal delivery.

This talented singer/songwriter made the leap of faith into music a few years ago, putting college aside to pursue her dream. That takes a lot of courage and a lot of faith. She grew up with country radio as her soundtrack, church as her stage, and the nickname “Hope Sings,” so she seemed destined to be here. Her new song “Country Boys”  really showcases her growth as an artist. It’ll be exciting to watch what’s lies ahead for Hope.


  • Hear Hope

    Hope’s new song “Country Boys,” she says is about “the love songs we hear on the radio being sung by country boys (country artists) who just want to treat a lady. I found myself stopped in my tracks thinking, where do these country boys go? Are real life men writing these songs full of heart? Then I teased that they’re ‘down an old dirt road, getting lost where I can’t find ‘em.’ The moral of this song is where do the good guys go?!”

    Take a listen to “Country Boys” by Hope Shanley

  • Shanley Shares

    * Grew up in: Raynham Massachusetts 

    Now lives in: Raynham Massachusetts 

    * Current single: “Country Boys”

    What lead you to music: The passion, the escape, the energy. 

    How old when you started: Around 8 years old. 

    First country song you learned: I’ve been singing to country my whole life, but I remember playing “Burning House” by Cam on my ukulele in my beginner stage. 

    * Instruments played: ukulele, guitar, some piano.

    * How would you describe your sound: strong, deep

    * Who inspires you: Carrie Underwood, Johnny Cash, Zach Bryan

    Dream duet partner: HARDY or Lee Brice

    * All- time favorite country song:  I could never pick an all time favorite but these are mine right now: Get to Gettin’ Gone- Bailey Zimmerman Wild as Her- Corey Kent and Nose on the Grindstone- Tyler Childers

    * First country concert: Rascal Flatts with Dan + Shay

    * What songs do you like now on Country 1025: Wild as Her, What my World Spins Around, Rock and a Hard Place

    * If you weren’t a musician, what would you be doing: I hate to imagine an alternative career, but I’d probably be in fashion or interior design. 

    * Day Job: Hostess/Waitress

    Most proud moment: unironically, my debut country song being played on the local country station (Country 102.5!) and now a second time!

    * Crazy thing that happened in your music career: My first music video reaching almost 13k views!

    * Other things you like to do: adventure, outdoors, painting, fashion/photoshoots, travel! 

    * 3 Fun facts: 1. I can spin a basketball on any of my fingers (I even managed to do it with a bouncy ball once) 2. I genuinely couldn’t tell you if my eyes are blue or green.  3. Me and my siblings used to pretend to be sumo wrestlers when we were kids and film it. 

    * Mantra: Love boldy & live freely 



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