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Kruser’s Local Catch

Some songs can literally take your mind off everything around you and transport you to another place. Perhaps even, take you to another time. With early Fleetwood Mac ethereal vibes, “Ready To Run” can do that. My Local Catch of the Week, Reese Nobile from Boston, recently released her debut single, “Ready To Run.” It’s a futurist take on the past. Think Billie Ellish meets Jewel.

“Dreamy” is a perfect description of this talented singer/songwriter’s official first single. She released it into the world this past May. The Berklee College of Music student grew up listening to everything in her home state of Florida. She moved to Boston for school and here is where she is making her way into the music business. Launching a single, performing and writing new material keeps Reese busy these days. You can find out where to see her and how to follow her on social media, below.

Since Reese was just 15 she has been performing live. By the age of 18 she was booked as an opening act for Florida’s Moon Crush Festival starring some of the industry’s biggest names. Zach Bryan, Brandi Carlile and Ben Harper all performed at Miramar Beach, Florida.

Nobile has such a beautifully unique sound that encompasses all her influences and genre preferences. Her sound really could fit anywhere. But for me, I hear a movie soundtrack when listening to her delicate, “Ready To Run.” Take a listen here and let me know where Reese Nobile’s music takes you. Listening, learning and following are all great ways to support our New England artists. You can do all that right here.

Meet my Local Catch of the Week, Reese Nobile from Boston.

  • The Music

    “Ready To Run” is about feeling disposable in a relationship that I thought was indestructible. It came to be after meeting some really awesome people at Berklee College of Music who helped me bring it to life.


  • The Story

    • From: I moved to Santa Rosa Beach, Florida when I was 9 years old, so I feel like I mostly grew up there.
    • Now lives in: I am currently based in Boston, Massachusetts.
    • Current single: I just released my first single, “Ready To Run” although there is an EP in the works!
    • What lead you to music: I am not sure if I ever was led to music, rather, I think it is something that has always been a part of my life and something I have always loved. My mom tells me I was mimicking words and singing them in tune before I could actually talk. According to her, by six months old, the “Mom’s group” she was in referred to me as “Mariah Carey” because I hummed and sang so much. As time went on, the musical obsession grew as I did.
    • How long have you been performing: I started performing live in my hometown when I was 15 years old.
    • First song you learned: I remember loving “Butterfly Fly Away” by Miley Cyrus when I was a little girl. My Dad and I coined it as “our song” and I still sing it for him every time he comes to one of my gigs.
    • How would you describe your sound: I am a country pop artist with inspiration from all different genres such as soft rock and alternative/dream pop.
    • Who inspires you: Some of my biggest inspirations are Stevie Nicks and Lana Del Rey.
    • Dream duet partner: I would absolutely love to perform with Stevie Nicks. She has been my biggest inspiration in several different ways for as long as I can remember.
    • All- time favorite country song: One of my favorite country songs is “You’re Still The One” by Shania Twain.
    • First country concert: The first concert I ever went to was Miley Cyrus when I was 5 years old in Chicago, Illinois! I will never forget it. My favorite song of hers at the time was called “Fly on the Wall” and she performed it while riding a motorcycle in the air. It was definitely the coolest thing for a 5 year old to watch, but I am doubtful that it wouldn’t be the coolest thing to see now at 19 years old.
    • If you weren’t a musician, what would you be doing: I have always taken an interest in cinematography, it is my favorite observation when I am watching a movie. I don’t know too much about it, but I think that if I wasn’t a musician, I would do something related to film/cinematography.
    • Most proud moment: One of my favorite moments as a musician was when I played in the 2022 Moon Crush festival in Miramar Beach, Florida as an opening artist. I played on the same stage as some incredible artists including Zach Bryan, Ben Harper, and Brandi Carlisle. There was such an overwhelming amount of gratitude that I felt to have had that opportunity, and I will never forget how incredible the experience was.
    • Crazy thing that happened in your music career: Once when I was 17, I was gigging at a local restaurant in my hometown when Sheryl Crow approached my mother and I after overhearing me on her walk. She told me to “never stop singing!” I still can’t believe that happened.
    • Other things you like to do: I love going to the beach when I am home, cooking, and spending time with my dog.
    • Fun facts: I have a really awesome dog named Jax. He is a wirehaired pointing griffon, and he is my best friend!
    • Mantra: “Burn The Ships” – My Dad taught me this one. He watches a show called “Vikings” and apparently when they go to fight, they burn their ships to galvanize and motivate themselves to fight without looking back as they no longer have a way to escape. This applies to reality if you think about it. What “ships” are holding you back from taking the necessary leaps towards what you are working for?
  • The Shows

    reese Nobile

  • The Social Network

    Keep up with Reese and her shows, her music and more by following her on her social media. You’ll find her here:

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  • Pics and Posts

    Reese Nobile


    My Dad is always telling me that I need to post more on social media despite me being a lil awkward about it. So dad here u go. Hope anyone who comes across this loves my cover of the most beautiful song to ever exist (Without Me - Rayland Baxter) #voiceeffects #cover #music #berklee

    ♬ original sound - Reese
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