Carolyn Kruse

Carolyn Kruse

There are six talented musicians in this group, but Scarlett Drive is one. One of the most cohesive sounding acts in New England, and beyond. One voice lifted by seamless art. One hell of a seasoned country rock band. Characterized by harmonies so tight, they feel inseparable, dynamic rock rhythms, and innovative songwriting, Scarlett Drive must be driven. You can’t just kick the tires on this band. You have to give them a full spin around the block.

Bandmates Russell James, Tim Baumann, Andria Bremhorst, Adam Cook, Tom Appleman, and Brian Joyce come from all over the Greater Boston area. They’ve been writing, singing and performing together for over 10 years. And it shows in every aspect of their craft, from stage presence to production. Scarlett Drive is like a well oiled machine. And this machine runs hot. See them live, if you can (dates below). And listen to what they’ve collectively been creating lately. 


  • The Sound Of Scarlett Drive

    Take a listen to Scarlett Drive’s latest original, “Dirty Water Hallelujah,” which the band describes as: “A fantastical journey about life, love, and curing mystical demons.  The production takes on an almost progressive feel which is slightly straying from our norm, but we are here for it, and can’t wait to rip this one in a live setting!  As a fun additive, we released it (purposely) on the day Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 2 came out!  It was written by our vocalist, Russell James, and produced by our guitar player, Brian Joyce, who also played most of the instruments on the track.  

    Just push play!

    scarlett drive

  • Park It Here For A Minute

    • Band members: Russell James, Tim Baumann, Andria Bremhorst, Adam Cook, Tom Appleman, Brian Joyce
    • From: (you can pick an area, or list all band member hometowns) Our band spans the North Shore, South Shore, Metro West, & Metro East…  the definition of ‘all over’!
    • Current single: Our most recent release is a record called ‘Dirty Water Hallelujah’, available for streaming on all platforms. We also released our debut full length album, ‘Shaky Ground’, in December of 2021, also available for streaming on all platforms! 
    • How did you first come together: Fair to say that Craigslist Casual Encounters brought most of us together (individual answers are too long for this one…. So we’ll leave it at that!)
    • How did you get your name: No good story here….  It was a collaborative effort with word association.  We had all aligned on ‘DRIVE’ as part of it, and we wanted something that had a somewhat feminine tonality to it but was also associated with strength and power, as we try to maintain a powerful harmonic & instrumental presence.  We ended up with ‘SCARLETT’ as it checked off all the boxes.  Most people think it’s a street one of us lived on or where we met or something.  Nope, just trying to be clever! 
    • How would you describe your sound: Our sound is rock/pop and harmony-centric…  our songwriting is country with a hint of pop…  our production is whatever we want it to be.
    • Who inspires you: [Russell] Huey Lewis is a big inspiration of mine because of his longevity & reputation in the business.  He’s also an artist I grew up listening to.  One of my songwriting inspirations right now is Ryan Tedder from OneRepublic.  He just writes jams…  all the time…  great voice too.
    • Awards/accolades:

    2017 NECM Group of the Year

    2018 NEMA Country Act of the Year

    We’ve been nominated for some other categories (Live Act of the Year, Song of the Year, Artist of the Year) within the Boston Music Awards, NEMA, and NECM organizations over the last few years as well but have yet to take any titles home…  (hopefully this year is different as we’ve really pumped up our original music output!!) 

    We’ve also had the opportunity to open for Cadillac Three at the Paradise Rock Club (dream venue of ours) as well as Michael Ray at Six String over the last year, so it’s been a fun ride as of late!

    • All-time favorite country song: Tough to get an answer out of everyone on this question…  so we’ll just collectively say ‘Freebird’
    • Day jobs:

    [Russell] Quality Engineer 

    [Brian] Chemical Technician

    [Andria] Teacher

    [Adam] Signals Processing Engineer

    [Tom] Musician, Teacher

    [Tim] Senior Account Executive

    • Most proud moment: Our proudest moment recently has to be releasing our full-length album and all of the music we’ve written and arranged lately.  In a world where singles are the norm, it was nice to be different and give people more than just 3 minutes of released digital entertainment.  We are also a group that writes and produces all of our own material.
    • Crazy thing that happened in your music career: [Russell] We got the chance to open for Huey Lewis & The News in Omaha, NE back in 2012…  the experience was crazy in itself…  we were flown out, shuttled around, the production crew even rented us top of the line equipment for our performance… but the craziest part was getting into a street fight later that night with a couple of drunk locals for no reason.  It was 4 against 2, and we were swarmed by police cars within minutes…  they got cuffed, and the police told us we could go home! (we did not swing first, but good band bonding nonetheless) lol
    • Fun facts:

    Brian has perfect pitch

    Adam’s favorite music scale is Phrygian 

    Andria can fall asleep anywhere

    Tim works remote

    Tom dresses up like Timothy B Schmidt from the Eagles on the weekends 

    Russell baits his own hook


  • Scartlett Drive Live

    • Upcoming gig:  Nov 4th @ Six String Grill and Stage in Foxboro, MA

    (We are light for the rest of the year as we try to prepare for some more original music-oriented venues in 2023.)

    scarlett drive


  • Scarlett Social

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