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It’s been waaay too long! Country superstar Maren Morris agrees. Maren called me today to talk about coming back to Boston, finally. Things will be a lot different on the road this time. The mother of 2 year old Hayes Hurd (dad is Ryan Hurd), will have her toddler in tow on this tour. Maren told me she has plans to explore the area for playgrounds and things to do during the day with her son. So, now the party on the bus will likely feature solo cups of milk, plates of cookies and PBS on TV.

The Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter has become a fan of cooking in the last couple of years, and even did a stint as a celebrity judge on one of her favorite shows, Beat Bobby Flay!  Find out what she loves to cook at home, and listen to what Maren Morris told me about coming back to Boston and Boston fans!

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Maren Morris Makes A Call To Kruser

Maren Morris and Kruser

  • It All Started With...

    “My Church”

    It was early in 2016 when country newcomber Maren Morris released her debut single. It went on to win the Grammy Award for Best Country Solo Performance 

  • Maren's First #1 Hit

    Morris scored her first #1 in 2017 with “I Could Use A Love Song.”

  • Maren's Biggest Hit

    She described it as a sweet little song about her husband, and their relationship and never expected it to be the smash hit it has become. 2019’s “The Bones” has been certified 9x platinum, selling over 9 million worldwide. It even crossed over to the pop charts. The video stars her husband, singer/songwriter Ryan Hurd.

  • Finally A Duet With Her Husband

    Last year, Ryan Hurd released a single, “Chasing After You” co-starring his wife, Maren Morris. It came close to hitting the top of the charts, nationally and was a #1 in Boston

  • On The Rise

    People are loving Maren’s new hit, “Circles Around This Town,” which is her story of moving to Nashville and pounding the pavement to get a record deal. No doubt the years of rejections have paid off for this superstar