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Curious what town in Massachusetts has the most deer crashes? (By the way, a “deer crash” is the term used for when a car and deer collide on the roadways.) AAA has released a warning for Massachusetts: deer crashes are more abundant than they’ve been in a decade in the state!

I’ve never hit a deer but it’s always been a big fear of mine. About 1.5 million deer-car accidents happen every year. More than $1 billion in annual insured losses are due to damages caused by deer-car accidents.

AAA reveals that there were 1,806 deer crashes in the Bay State between October and December last year (2022). Using that data they also released the deer crash hot spots in Massachusetts – that is, the towns with the most deer crashes during that period of time. We’ll get to that countdown below.

If you, like me, are paranoid about hitting a deer while driving, here are 12 tips to lower your chances:
1) Drive at a Safe Speed
2) Stay Alert
3) Use High Beams
4) Don’t Swerve: If a collision with a deer appears imminent, don’t swerve. Maintain control of your vehicle and apply the brakes. Swerving can lead to more severe accidents.
5) Brake Smoothly: If a deer is in or near the road, brake gently and avoid slamming on the brakes to prevent skidding and losing control.
6) Honk Your Horn
7) Be Cautious During Dawn and Dusk: Deer are more active during these low-light periods.
8) Use Extra Caution in Deer Prone Areas: Be particularly cautious in areas where deer are known to be active – we’ll get to those areas in Massachusetts in a sec.
9) Wear Your Seatbelt!: This won’t help prevent a collision but it could definitely prevent or lessen possible injuries as a result.
10) Stay Centered in Your Lane
11) Deer Whistles: Consider installing deer whistles on your vehicle which emit high-pitched sounds that may deter deer from approaching.
12) Avoid Distractions: Distracted driving can lead to slower reaction times.

Now that we’ve done that, let’s get to this: These are the 6 Massachusetts towns that have the most deer crashes. Be careful out there!

  • #6 - East Bridgewater/Seekonk

    East Bridgewater & Seekonk had the 6th most deer crashes in Mass between October and December 2022. They tied with 20 accidents each involving deer during that period.

  • #5 - Rehoboth

    Rehoboth is next up on the deer crash countdown at #5. Rehoboth had 22 auto/deer accidents last year between October and December.

  • #4 - Swansea

    Swansea had 28 deer crashes last year between October and December. That’s good enough to land Swansea at #4.

  • #3 - Westport

    Westport keeps us in the 20’s range at #3. There were 29 deer crashes in Westport from October 1st through December 31st last year.

  • #2 - Taunton

    Taunton moves us into the 30’s and almost into the 40’s at #2. There were 39 deer crashes in Taunton last year between October and December – a pretty significant jump from #3.

  • #1 - Middleboro

    Middleboro is the reigning deer crash capital of Massachusetts. Last year between October and December there were 48 accidents involving vehicles and deer on the roads, the most of any town or city in Massachusetts. Drive safe and stay aware in Middleboro!

  • Check out all of AAA's Deer Crash Data

    Want more info on deer crashes in Massachusetts? Get more RIGHT HERE!

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