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Carolyn Kruse

Carolyn Kruse

2 Massachusetts cities and one Vermont city made the top 10! Scoring high in health insurance, physical health, sleep, mental health and dental health has earned ONE Massachusetts city the top spot in a new study. The 2023 Wellbeing Index was released and lists the 10 Best and Worst Places for Wellbeing in the country.  Massachusetts has 2 cities in the top 10 for wellbeing in the U.S. and one is #1.

The Index used health information from the website The Great Green Wall Health. They looked at the data from 562 cities and towns. According to the study, they ranked each of cities/towns against 34 factors. The factors were then “grouped under three pillars that constitute wellbeing: health, happiness and prosperity.” The researchers got the information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the US Census Bureau, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the US Bureau of Economic Analysis and the US Department of Health.  Which 2 Massachusetts cities made the top  spots? See it all below.

One slightly west of Boston city reigned supreme, while another came in 4th out of 562 cities and towns. Take a look below at the top 10 best places for wellbeing, and those that scored the lowest. The low scores are the result of alarming obsesity, sleeping less than 7 hours a night and high blood pressure , and avoiding dental visits. South Burlington, Vermont earned the great honor of having the best sleepers in the study. Maybe we all need to move there, to get a good night’s sleep.

The study was commissioned by The Great Green Wall Health . Great Green Wall Health is health information website.




  • 1. Newton, Massachusetts

    Newton, Massachusetts, is the wellbeing capital of the United States! It outranked 561 other cities and towns across the US in the country, scoring top marks in health insurane, lack of heart, kidney and pulmonary diseases. In fact, more details of the study reveal the suburban city has the the lowest level of stroke occurrences in the United States, at 1.7%. “Only 2% of adults here have a chronic disease, 3.1% – a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and 3.8% – a coronary heart disease. 95.7% of Newton, MA, residents have health insurance.” (Great Greenwall Study)

  • 2. Sunnyvale, California

    According to the study, Sunnyvale ranks #2 because it has the lowest levels of smoking and arthritis in the United States. The Silicon Valley city has an average of 7 out of 10 residents who do regular dental visits. Fun fact. 94.5% of the residents here over 65 have all or part of their original set of teeth! Keep smiling Sunnyvale. The name along makes my being feel well all over.

    Apparently, this city scores high in many studies

  • 3. Bellevue, Washington

    Like Sunnyvale, Bellevue scored very high for those who regularly visit their dentist. This city in the Eastside region of King County, is located across Lake Washington from Seattle. Beautiful views can always help with wellbeing. It even took it’s name from the french belle vue, which literally translates to beautiful view.

    Bellevue, Washington encompasses the beauty and restorative power of the outdoors, the anticipation and excitement of world-changing ideas, and the sensory exploration of fashion, art and culturally inspired cuisine--Placing every visitor on the verge of creativity, innovation, and style. Welcome to the Edge.

  • 4. Cambridge, Massachusetts

    Cambridge faired very well in this study. And has one of the highest rates of women who get regular mamography tests, at 84.7%. With so many smart people living here, you knew they had to do well in the study. Cambridge is home to Harvard and MIT, museums, art, live music venues, beautiful architecture and Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.


    (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

  • 5. Santa Clara, California

    Santa Clara is located in the Southern Bay area of California. The winters are mild and the summers are lovely.

    Visit Silicon Valley, California

    While Silicon Valley is known for being the hub of high-tech innovation, there are many other things to see and do while visiting this Northern California gem.

  • 6. Arlington, Virginia

    Arlington is home to the Pentagon and the Arlington National Cememtary. They are known to have excellent healthcare facilities, as well as recreational and community amenities . There are 52 miles of multi-use off street trails and 148 county owned parks.  

    Arlington, Virginia Official Travel Guide - Stay Arlington, VA

    Planning a visit to Arlington, Virginia? Check out our Official Guide and discover the top things to do, places to eat, and where to stay in Arlington County.

  • 7. South Burlington, Vermont

    Home to Ben & Jerry’s, Vermont’s largest Mall (University Mall)  and Red Rocks Park, a public park and beach on the shores of Lake Champlain, there is plenty of green to be found in this Green Mountain city.

    Welcome to the City of South Burlington

    Formed in 2005, our stormwater utility maintains and improves the City's stormwater infrastructure. This includes management of water that runs off rooftops, paved and gravel roads, driveways, parking lots, and other hard services after a rain storm. This summer, there are several projects under construction to improve the current infrastructure, ultimately improving the water quality of the streams and Lake Champlain.

  • 8. Naperville, Illinois

    Naperville is a suburban Chicago area city.  It’s  home to Moser Tower and Millennium Carillon, one of the world’s four largest carillons. I had to look that up. Carillons are bell towers with at least 23 harmonically-tuned bells.” (thanks Google).  It’s also home to an parks a plenty, and a forest preserve network, including Centennial Beach.

  • 9. Cary, North Carolina

    This city sitting outside of Ralleigh/Durham in North Carolina is known for their fast-growing parks, recreation and cultural Resources program.

  • 10. Carmel, Indiana

    Carmel is known for being artsy and fashionable. One area in this small Indiana city is the trendy Carmel Arts and Design Distric. Also famous for it’s music scene, theater, dance and performing arts. It’s been named one of the best places to live by Money Magazine. And now, 10th place for wellbeing in this Green Wall Health study.

  • And who's at the bottom of the list for wellbeing?

    Take at look at this graph of those cities that struggle with wellbeing and the factors, from the Green Wall Health study

    All teeth lost (65+ y.o.) Camden, NJ (29.7%)
    Arthritis (18+ y.o.) Saginaw, MI (33.7%)
    Binge drinking (18+ y.o.) Weston, WI (26.1%)
    Cancer (except skin cancer) (18+ y.o.) Towson, MD (6.5%)
    Cervical cancer screening (21-65 y.o. females) Kahului, HI (71.7%)
    Cholesterol screening (18+ y.o.) Rapid City, SD (78.4%)
    Chronic kidney disease (18+ y.o.) Camden, NJ (4.5%)
    Detroit, MI (4.5%)
    Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (18+ y.o.) Huntington, WI (12.1%)
    Parkersburg, WI (12.1%)
    Coronary heart disease (18+ y.o.) Corcoran, CA (8.9%)
    Current asthma (18+ y.o.) Detroit, MI (15.5%)
    Current smoking (18+ y.o.) Warren, OH (32.8%)
    Diagnosed diabetes (18+ y.o.) Detroit, MI (18.3%)
    Fair or poor self-rated health status (18+ y.o.) Corcoran, CA (30.6%)
    Fecal occult blood test, sigmoidoscopy, or colonoscopy ( 50-75 y.o.) Corcoran, CA (49.5%)
    High blood pressure (18+ y.o.) Pine Bluff, AR (47.1%)
    High cholesterol among those have been screened in the past 5 years (18+ y.o.) Bristol, TN (34.9%)
    Mammography use (50-74 y.o. females) Casper, WY (61.3%)
    No leisure-time physical activity (18+ y.o.) Youngstown, OH (40.2%)
    Obesity (18+ y.o.) Saginaw, MI (51.5%)
    65+ males who are up to date on a core set of clinical preventive services: Flu shot past year, PPV shot ever, Colorectal cancer screening Corcoran, CA (26.2%)
    65+ females who are up to date on a core set of clinical preventive services: Flu shot past year, PPV shot ever, Colorectal cancer screening, and Mammogram past 2 years San Bernardino, CA (21.3%)
    Physical health not good for >=14 days (18+ y.o.) Corcoran, CA (5.5%)
    Stroke (18+ y.o.) Detroit, MI (5.8%)
    Taking medicine for high blood pressure control among those with high blood pressure (18+ y.o.) Lakewood, CO (47%)
    Visits dentist or dental clinic within the past year (18+ y.o.) Port Arthur, TX (40.5%)
    Visits doctor for routine check-up within the past year (18+ y.o.) Farmington, NM (62.3%)

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