What is happiness? People define it in different ways, but most people agree that it involves feelings of joy, contentment, and satisfaction. That means different things for different people. For me, happiness currently means: coffee, kdramas, kids, and books. For a lot of people in Massachusetts, this time of year it’s: Fall, football, apple picking, and Halloween.

There are definitely a lot of things to be happy about. According to a new study, if you live in Massachusetts, you live in the happiest state! Massachusetts also made some other best and worst lists as well. Check out some lists about: work quit rates, amount of sleep, exercise enthusiasts, and more.



  • How did they decide on Massachusetts?

    The new survey by Top Data compared all 50 states in 7 key categories to come up with the answer. The categories included: personal finance, leisure activities, mental health, physical health, employment, personal relationships, and social policies.

  • Who else is on the list?

    Massachusetts Welcomes You sign

    1. Massachusetts

    2. Illinois

    3. Connecticut

    4. New Jersey

    5. New York

    6. Maryland

    7. Minnesota

    8. California

    9. Hawaii

    10. Vermont

  • Highest number of exercise enthusiasts

    Group of people stretching sitting down

    1. Vermont

    2. Montana

    3. Colorado

    4. Florida

    5. New Hampshire

  • Lowest number of exercise enthusiasts

    Guy with feet up on table holding a mug of beer

    46. Missouri

    47. W. Virginia

    48. Mississippi

    49. Oklahoma

    50. Kentucky

  • Most amount of sleep

    Woman sleeping in bed with an eye mask

    1. Hawaii

    2. W. Virginia

    3. Kentucky

    4. Alabama

    5. Louisiana

  • Least amount of sleep

    Woman wide awake at 3am. clock reading 3am

    46. Colorado

    47. Minnesota

    48. North Dakota

    49. Nebraska

    50. Vermont

  • Lowest quit rate

    Group of five people working together at work

    1. New York

    2. Massachusetts

    3. Connecticut

    4. Pennsylvania

    5. New Jersey

  • Highest quit rate

    Woman holding a box of office supplies holding a sign saying I quit!

    46. Kentucky

    47. South Carolina

    48. Montana

    49. Wyoming

    50. Alaska

  • Most LGBTQIA+ Youth Protection Rights

    Young person with a pride flag around their shoulders, and light blue and pink hair

    1. California

    2. Colorado

    3. Massachusetts

    4. New Jersey

    5. Connecticut

  • Least LGBTQIA+ Youth Protection Rights

    Large group of people in the streets waving rainbow flags

    46. Louisiana

    47. Mississippi

    48. Missouri

    49. Nebraska

    50. North Dakota

  • Lowest Depression Rate

    Two hands holding up a yellow piece of paper with a smiley face

    1. Maine

    2. Alaska

    3. Vermont

    4. Montana

    5. Utah

  • Highest Depression Rate

    white piece of paper with Depression written in bold words and other words saying : for to be best point of view state of bein sad or despo mental diso what is

    46. Florida

    47. South Carolina

    48. Nevada

    49. Georgia

    50. Texas

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