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Let’s start by saying: DON’T DO THIS AT HOME. Or anywhere. Ever.

Look out “Florida Man,” “Massachusetts Man” is coming for ya! Here are the quick details of this wild story:


    A Massachusetts man is facing up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine for using Mr. Clean Magic Erasers and a printer to transform $1 bills into counterfeit $100 bills. PRO TIP: If he gets the full fine, don’t accept a $250,000 bill from him.


    Victor Cardona, 34, of Quincy. A judge will sentence him in January. 


    I have no idea! But we’d guess it’s a process of scrubby, scrubby, print, spend and distribute. Again: DON’T! Ever.

  • How'd They Catch Him?

    US Secret Service agents have been watching the man since 2019 when “bleached” $100 bills started being reported. Several inkjet printer cartridges were found in the man’s trash that matched up to the ink used on the counterfeit money. 

  • How Much Money Did He Put Out There?

    So far federal agents have collected right around $467,000 in counterfeit cash from all across the country they say links back to the Quincy man.

  • Better Uses For the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser?

    -Smudges on your walls

    -Clean your shoes’ white tops

    -Remove tarnish from silver

    -Remove soap scum in the tub and shower

    -Anything but what the guy in this story did

  • Moral

    Don’t do dumb things.

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