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Here in our beautiful Bay State, you know we LOVE to have bragging rights…to just about anything! This one should make you exceptionally proud. For the second consecutive year, Massachusetts has been named the healthiest state in the USA! Thank you, thank you very much. How did we manange to earn such a ranking, and who gave it to us. I’ll tell you.

This awesome news comes courtesy of a study conducted at Boston University’s School of Public Health. Before you start thinking oh, right, it was done in Boston, of course we are #1. The study was done in conjunction with the digital health and wellness company, Sharecare. They called the study the Community Well-Being Index. The study that earned Massachusetts the healthiest state  in the USA ranking, compiled data based on 5 main categories: physical, community, social, financial and purpose. It also took into consideration things like healthcare, and healthcare access, economic securtiy, housing, and transportation. (I’m guessing it was before all of our recent transportation issues).

Massachusetts can claim bragging rights to many things. Here are a few of them.

  • Our Accent

    Some may find it unattractive, but we are damn proud of dropping our Rs and adding them when not necessary. Who better than Matt Damon to demostrate how to talk like your from MA. Check him out here with James Corden.

  • In Title Town We LOVE Our Sports

    Does winning ever get old? Absolutley not! We are title town! (although the title has been threatened over the past few years by Tampa, among others.)

  • We've Got Chowdah...Whatchu Got?

    People come from lands near and far in search of the creamy regional goodness. Ok, they also like our lobster rolls, Boston Cream Pie and baked beans. But it’s all about the chowdah!


  • So Many Movies and Shows Made Here

    The list is extensive! And many more continue to be made here, thanks in part to a tax incentive for  filming in Massachusetts, not to mention all the historic homes and places. Get a complete list from MA Film Office. 

  • World Class Hospitals and Healthcare

    Now, this is really something to be proud of! And this is why so many people from around the world seek care and treatment at our hospitals.

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