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Is this woman a super villain? Because I imagine her in a pretty awesome yellow and black super villain outfit complete with antennae and bulging black sunglasses. A woman from Longmeadow, Mass has been charged with using bees to attack police. Here’s all the buzz we know on the story:

  • Who is this mysterious bee woman?

    Rorie Susan Woods is…. The Stinger!

  • When did the unleashing of the bees happen?

    October 12th – which just happens to be National Honey Day (just kidding).

  • Why were police at her residence?

    Police were there enforcing an eviction according to a release from the Hampden County Sheriff’s Office.

  • So how did the releasing of bees occur?

    Rorie showed up to her residence where she was confronted by police. She then began opening the lids of the beehives that she had in the flatbed towed by her blue SUV. I’m guessing she knew the police were there for the eviction and she was ticked off, judging by the beekeeper suit she was wearing when she was arrested.

  • How many bees?

    I counted at least 10 brood chambers that were on the trailer that she was towing. At least 3 were completely knocked over onto the ground. Each brood can hold up to 67,940 bees. You do the possible math.

  • Did anyone get stung?

    Yes. The bees were highly agitated, especially the ones whose home base was tipped and had fallen to the pavement below. The swarm stung several officers and other nearby bystanders. One police staff member was taken to the hospital but is now ok.

  • What is she being charged with as a result of the bee attack?

    “The Stinger” is facing four counts of assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon, three counts of assault by means of a dangerous weapon, and a disorderly conduct charge

  • Has she ever had a run-in with The Batman?

    Not that we’re aware of…. yet.

  • How did she plead?

    She pleaded not guilty to the charges and was released without having to post bail.

  • Why do bees hum?

    Because they can’t remember the words.