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Carolyn Kruse

Carolyn Kruse

When Morgan Wallen posted this photo the other day to his Instagram page, it ignited a fire of fodder. Comments came flooding in from friends and fans. We all knew he cut his hair over the summer, but we hadn’t seen it out of a ball cap in a while. And then there it was plain as day, renting space above Wallen’s lip, an unaccompanied mustache. No beard, no chin scruff, no goatee… Just a healthy patch of upper lipholstery. Oh and there was a comment, just a simple “Good Morning.” Morgan Wallen rocks a mustache, and here are 5 more famous staches, below.

The post prompted over 12,000 comments. Fellow country star and tourmate Bailey Zimmerman chimed in with “Big top gun vibes.” Another tourmate, Ernest, commented, “fresh outta tasers.” Frequent collaborated and bff Hardy came in hot with a Top Gun reference, “Talk to me Goose.” There were several allusions to military and police, including this remark, “I feel like you’re about to ask for my license and registration.” But the real question is, will this post prompt more people to rock a stache?


The mustache, once a craze in the 70s and again in the 80s, has been slowly working it’s way back to mainstream modern life. It’s a tough thing to pull off. You have to have the right face, enough hair, or just be cool enough to pull off anything. Justin Bieber tried the stache life for a while, but his babyface wasn’t a good fit. Jon Hamm has sported a lip strip. Burt Reynolds was famous for his hefty chunk of lip hair. And Tom Selleck continues to fashion his face lace. Trends have come and gone, but Selleck and his mustache remain the same. There’s some comfort in that.

So, what do we think of Morgan’s new look? I’m sure I’ll get used to it and embrace it after a little time has passed. In the meantime, let’s comb the web and hairshare. As Morgan Wallen rocks a mustache, here are 5 more famous staches to behold.

  • 1. Travis Kelce

    Taylor Swift’s latest Love Story stars Kansas City Chiefs running back and his recent lip accessory. This guy somehow manages to make anything look cool. He looks good in his mouth- brow.

  • 2. Alan Jackson

    Country legend Alan Jackson has been working the ‘staches for as long as we’ve known him. He still has it today. Although, it’s more gray than blonde now, it still works.


  • Harry Styles

    Harry Styles knows style. Ok, at least I can say he is style trendsetter. Largely because of his popularity, of course. Mr. Styles has been known to sport a stache from time to time. Occasionally, it’s accompanied by a scruffy beard. With the hair, and his clothing choices and his Britishness, it just works for him.

  • 4. Sam Elliot

    Acting legend Sam Elliott is the OG of mustache coolness. His is top-notch, old school facial fur. Have we ever seen the Yellowstone star in anything but a stache? I think not. It has become his signature, along with his white hair and big dark brows. He famously always looks like he’s up to no good.

    Sam Elliott

    Sam Elliott attends the 91st Annual Academy Awards on February 24, 2019 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

  • 5. Brad Pitt

    Not even a clump on lip hair could make Brad Pitt look bad. In fact, he looks remarkably sexy in one. Could he be anything but? He usually dons a crumb catcher for movies. But we are here for it.

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