Jackson Blue

Jackson Blue

Jackson and Murr
Impractical Jokers has been on the air for almost 11 years. Recently the show went through a couple major changes with Joe Gatto leaving the show and being replaced by rotating celebrity guest jokers. After all these years, we have 10 questions for James “Murr” Murray.

You can check out the full audio interview at the end of the 10 questions below.

  • What challenge has caused you the most pain?

    “Getting my nipples pierced. They pulled the rings out but I think it stretched my nipples out.” “My wife in the morning puts on pasties under my shirts when I’m filming otherwise – thank God we don’t film in 3D.”

  • Who was your favorite practical joker before Impractical Jokers?

    “Good question, I would say Jamie Kennedy.”

  • Favorite current country artist?


    I then broadened things to: Name any country star.


  • What celebrity guest star has been your favorite so far?

    “We just filmed the other day with Post Malone and we got 911 called on us. We almost got Post Malone arrested. You’ll see it next season on the TV show.”

  • Weirdest thing a fan has done to you?

    “I was in the men’s room at Giants Stadium during halftime and I was at the urinal squeezed shoulder-to-shoulder with two dudes and the guy to my left recognizes me, leans over, at the urinal, and whispers in my ear and says ‘am I on TV right now?’ That was weird.”


    Impractical Jokers – The Drive Drive Drive Drive Drive Tour

    Boch Center Wang Theater February 4, 2023

    Pre-sale starts October 19th at 10am

  • What do you hope to accomplish in 2023?

    “I’d like to continue being happily married without children.” “The Honeymoon Phase has been fantastic and we’re still in it. I’m hoping to extend the Honeymoon Phase for at least  another year before we buckle down and start procreating.”

  • Has anyone approached you guys about a cartoon or an action figure line?

    “We have action figures and my action figure is balder than I am in reality. You’d think you get to a point in your career where if you get an action figure they’d make you look better? No, dude, I look worse.”

  • Has all of this time together - and your fun becoming your career - hurt your friendships?

    “No it’s helped our friendships. We torture each other equally so I’m simultaneously mad and proud of my friends. OH! Kenny Rogers. Isn’t he country?”

  • After 11 years is it way harder to find people who aren't in on the joke by now?

    Nah, there’s 8 million people in New York. Plus we don’t look famous. We look like pharmacists. People come up to me and they’re like ‘you look familiar, who are you?’ And I’m like ‘oh I work at Walgreens, your prescription’s ready. Come in.”

  • Besides sports, what do you HATE most about New England?

    ” I don’t hate anything about anything but the cold? The cold sucks. It’s colder up there than it is in New York. And there’s lots of warmer parts of the country. You can move South.”

  • AUDIO!!

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