Two epic nights of WWE WrestleMania 40 have come and gone – though one night was obviously way more epic than the other, huh? Now we’re left to decide: who were the MVPs from Wrestlemania 40? Cody finished the story and celebrated with a full cast tear-fest. Sami Zayne overcame the odds and in true Rocky fashion in Philadelphia defeated Ivan Drago… I mean… Gunther, ending his legendary Intercontinental Championship reign. Drew McIntyre won the Heavyweight Championship in front of a live crowd… then lost it seconds later to a Damian Priest cash-in. Rhea Ripley looked like the new top star of the women’s division with a dominant WrestleMania win over Becky Lynch. A lot just happened.

In a sport(s entertainment) like WWE wrestling, how do you pick MVPs from Wrestlemania 40?

I don’t think MVP means ‘won the biggest match’ or ‘overcame the biggest odds.” I think MVP is much more about you you’re left thinking about after the WrestleMania smoke settles. Who did their job so well that it heightened everything. It helped make WrestleMania that special event with the special feel that it is. It is my opinion that these 5 individuals did just that. They made the overall experience of WrestleMania feel that much more special. They overachieved in their role at their job.

Let’s get to it! These are your 5 MVPs from WrestleMania 40. I’ll also include what each NEEDS to do next. Getting all the momentum from a big moment or a big performance from WrestleMania is one thing – and it’s an amazing thing – but it’s all wasted if the follow-up is trash. I’ll give you the 5 MVPs from WrestleMania 40 but more importantly what they must do next to capitalize on their WrestleMania momentum to make sure it’s not stifled and wasted.

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  • Cody Rhodes

    I mean, you can’t not put Cody in the list of MVPs. He just conquered the Tribal Chief. Now it’s ALL ABOUT the follow up and I don’t think they’ll mess this up. If I were a betting man – and I’m swinging for the guess fences here – I’ll bet we get Shield versus Bloodline in Saudi Arabia. I’m guessing Roman, Seth, and CODY as Shield vs. Rock, Solo Sikoa, and Jimmy Uso Maybe? Then Cody vs. Rock at SummerSlam.

    But what they NEED to do next for Cody: Keep him strong and get him into another compelling story – not just a crappy feud we know he’ll win just to get a successful defense in. As much as I love Bronson Reed, even after winning the Andre Battle Royal, he shouldn’t have next.

  • The Tag Division and the Women's Division

    They split the tag straps. Now Smackdown and RAW each have their own champs. I think this is great – IF WWE finally invests in the tag division, which I’m hopeful that they will.
    Rhea got a huge win, as did Bayley. What needs to happen next for all 4 of these titles – compelling stories. NEW compelling stories. Don’t just rematch over and over until nobody cares any more and the momentum is gone.

  • Gunther

    Gunther carried that Intercontinental Championship like a beast. He restored honor to a belt that they’ve seemingly been trying to restore honor to for decades. Sami Zayne, now it’s up to you!
    Gunther ate the loss like a pro. He did his job. What do they do next with Gunther? I think this will be tricky. You need to continue to elevate him to the next level – the TOP level. But it’s almost like his historic reign put him at the top of the card just because of the length and believability of his reign. He needs to become Brock Lesnar and feel dangerous and important whenever he shows up – without a belt!

    Because unless he’s going to spoil Damian Priest’s cash-in party (which I think he might, actually) then he’ll have to exist without a top-level championship until space clears up for a feud for him. If I were WWE I’d continue to build Gunther as unstoppable until you have him challenge Cody after moving past The Bloodline and The Rock. Cody vs. Gunther will be insane.

  • Jade Cargill

    They debuted her pretty perfectly at WrestleMania. Now what? Now you have to get her some wins… and maybe start sprinkling in some drama between her and Bianca Belair. People want to see that match and I think they will… at SummerSlam. What’s next? Wins and turning heel. Jade will be the best heel in the company soon.

  • Samantha Irvin

    Dude!! Dude, dude, dude. Samantha Irvin puts so much effort and emotion into her ring announcing. She’s already one of the best to do it because of her uniqueness and care. Ring announcing is obviously her craft and I hope WWE continues to let her do it her way and continue to increase her role and visibility. She helps fans FEEL something… and that’s what it’s all about.

    Actually it’s all about money but feelings lead to cash and Samantha Irvin is money.
    She’s MY top pick for MVP of WrestleMania 40.
    She adds so damn much.

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