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A young woman with brown eyes looks sideways nervous through closed blinds.

My Boyfriend Thinks I’m a Perv Because I Like To Watch My Hot Neighbor Walk Around His House Naked

Ali has a hot neighbor who regularly walks around his house naked with the blinds open. She makes a point to enjoy the show every night, but now her boyfriend has been complaining that she is doing something wrong. Is he just jealous, or does he have a point? If the hot neighbor walks around his house naked with the blinds open, does he have a right to privacy?


Here’s Ali’s Tale Of Her Naked Hot Neighbor


Jonathan: All right. Let’s go to Ali, who has a bit of a problem for panic button today. Hey, Ali

Ali: How’s it going?

Jonathan: It’s going fantastic. We’re all fully clothed. So I feel comfortable talking to you today. What’s going on?

Ali: Well, I have a next door neighbor who is a handsome man and he’s home every night. I actually don’t know what he does for work, but usually gets home around the same time every night. He’s got a habit of walking around the house without a shirt on. Without sometimes clothes on.

Ayla: Whoa, whoa. Oh.

Jonathan: With the blinds kind of open because obviously, how can you see this?

Ayla: With blinds wide open under the sunlight?

Ali: He gets home the same time every night and takes a shower. And for some reason, the hallway in his house, I can see it completely from this one window in my house. And every night he takes a shower at the same time and he walks naked from his bathroom to his bedroom.

Ayla: You seem to know a lot about his habits. Do you watch him naked?

Ali: Listen, it’s been intriguing for a while.

Ayla: Just a Roman God. Just walking to the shower. I mean, to the bathroom.

Ali: At first it was shocking because I was like, Oh, my God, the neighbor’s naked. And then it was like, Oh, my God, the neighbors got to go. And it was like the neighbor’s kind of handsome, naked.

Jonathan: So he’s not just good looking. He’s good looking while being naked.

Ali: He’s really good looking, like Hollywood good looking

Jonathan: Okay. Okay. You’ve taken his routine to heart, and now you know exactly when you’re going to be able to see him naked every day.

Ali: Yes, unfortunately. Yes, we are.

Ayla: You must be single. So if you’re interested. in him and you’re single too, then go talk to him.

Ali: That’s the main thing. I’m not single. I’m very happily in a in a relationship for a very long time. And my boyfriend is getting a little frustrated with this. He calls me out all the time. Basically my boyfriend and I started noticing this and we were watching together.

Jonathan: Was this foreplay for you? What do you mean you’re watching together?

Ali: No, no, no. Like we both notice that. Oh, my God, the neighbor.

Jonathan: Sure. Yeah.

Ayla: He’s gorgeous. And I feel like that makes a huge difference in this.

Ali: Well, my boyfriend feels the same way. He’s been a little frustrated lately because I talk about it. But I have an alarm set almost nearly every night.

Ayla: You have the alarm set?

Ali: Yeah.

Jonathan: Okay. Because I could see if it was a naked woman and he was running to the window every night at the same time to see her naked. You’d have a problem with that, right?

Ali: Yes. I wouldn’t have a problem with it at first, probably. But the difference is, I know for a fact that I’m not going to cheat on him. He knows for a fact. I’m not going to cheat on him. If it was the other way around, because I don’t trust him as much. And okay, if it was a female neighbor, I wouldn’t I probably wouldn’t like it as much. But the fact is, you’re right.

Jonathan: You’re right. If a man is ogling a naked woman, that’s obviously inappropriate. But a woman doing it to a man is just cute. No, no, I think it’s adorable. It’s like a Diet Coke commercial from the nineties. All right. Ali thinks that it’s perfectly okay for her to set an alarm every night to see her naked, handsome, Hollywood handsome neighbor strutting around his apartment. Just the cock of the walk calling right now. Ali, thank you so much.

Ali: You’re welcome. Thank you.

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