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Jenna’s boyfriend went to a work party where his older female boss got drunk and told him “if I was 20 years younger we’d be banging in the hallway”. He doesn’t think it’s a big deal, but she thinks its wildly inappropriate and he needs to do something about it. What would you do if a younger male employee was hit on by his older female boss?

Jonathan: We have Jenna on the line with us for panic button. Hey Jenna.

Jenna: Hi, guys.

Jonathan: So, Jenna, you have a problem that even, with your boyfriend, and his boss. I guess getting a little too chummy.

Jenna: Yeah, you could say that.

Ayla: What happened?

Jenna: Well, he works at a company, and I can’t say where. But, he’s smart. He’s worked there for a while. He’s happy with his job. They had a holiday party, actually, after the new year. They do a welcome back thing. And he came home from the party. It’s so weird. He told me he had this interaction with his boss. The boss is a woman, right? She’s an older female boss. And, I’ve only met her once. She seemed fine. But, at this party, apparently. I don’t know if she’d had too much to drink, but he said that she told him that if she were 20 years younger, they’d be banging in the hallway.

Ayla: Oh, my God.

Jenna: Like that night. Okay.

Jonathan: I’m sorry. You’re taking this very seriously. I’m sorry to laugh. You were obviously upset about this?

Jenna: Well, yeah, of course I am. That’s his boss. It’s wildly, wildly inappropriate. What I don’t understand, though, is he thinks the whole thing is hilarious. He’s just telling me the story like it’s some silly anecdote. And, I’m like, you need to report this today to HR.

Ayla: Why? Because of the boss employee relationship or just because it’s a power imbalance?

Jenna: Yes, of course she’s his boss. She’s older than him.

Jonathan: She could coerce him into sexual harassment.

Jenna: If it was the other way around, if it was me, a woman, and it was my boss who’s 20 years older that’s a man. Yeah, of course I’d be going to HR. Everybody would be screaming, you know, go report this. So why?

Jonathan: Why what did he say? I mean, did you bring that up to him.

Jenna: Of course I did. We’ve actually talked about this, which is embarrassing. He thinks the whole thing is a joke. He thinks it’s funny. He thinks I’m overreacting and making a big deal about this. But I’m like, this is your whole career ahead of you. You know what I mean?

Ayla: Sounds like he’s looking to get a promotion soon after that comment. Yeah.

Jonathan: Yeah. I mean, he should at least blackmail her.

Ayla: What if it wasn’t his boss though? And it was just someone randomly person?

Jonathan: That would be inappropriate. Sure. But with the boss, there’s, like she said, there’s a power level there. That’s what’s so disturbing about it. And so he’s not going to report it.

Jenna: No, as of right now. We’re still we’re still bickering about this.

Ayla: That’s why you’re calling us.

Jenna: I don’t mean to sound paranoid, but it makes me wonder. Why isn’t he taking this more seriously?

Ayla: Because he doesn’t want a conflict. Maybe he just doesn’t want to get her in trouble or involved. I mean, it’s a serious allegation for someone who just had a couple drinks too many.

Jonathan: Jenna, let me ask you this. I and I hate I hate to phrase it this way, but I’m just curious.

Ayla: I know what you’re going to ask. Can I ask it?

Jonathan: Go ahead.

Ayla: Is the boss hot?

Jonathan: Yes.

Ayla: I knew you were going to go there.

Jonathan: Shouldn’t matter. No, I’m not saying it matters as far as what she’s doing, but maybe it matters as far as his reaction.

Jenna: Is she hot? I mean, she’s 20 years older than him, you guys, but I guess. Sure. Yeah, she’s an attractive one. She is. I never really thought he was into older women, but it does make me question things.

Jonathan: Sure.

Jenna: The fact that he just thinks it’s funny and okay and that he would just joke back with her about it, I don’t know. Should I be concerned about this?

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