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FOXBOROUGH, MASSACHUSETTS - DECEMBER 28: A general view of Gillette Stadium before the game between the Buffalo Bills and the New England Patriots on December 28, 2020 in Foxborough, Massachusetts. (Photo by Maddie Malhotra/Getty Images)

Kristin’s father-in-law bought tickets for his three sons to go to the Patriots game for Tom Brady’s welcome back ceremony. But it was boys only, so she didn’t get to go, even though she’s the biggest football fan in the family and even has a Tom Brady tattoo. Do you think Kristin is justified in being upset? Should she have just bought her own ticket? Are really, who has a Tom Brady tattoo?

Ayla Brown: Good morning. Hi, Kristin, and by the way. Go, patriots. All right, go Pats Nation.

Kristin: Amazing.

Ayla Brown: Well, not really. I mean, they lost, but I did get to see the whole Tom Brady being honored thing. During halftime and I watched that.

Kristin: Yeah, that part that part was really good.

Ayla Brown: And I’m glad that we are chatting about that because I hear something happened that you weren’t involved in and you want to kind of get our opinion on it. So what happened?

Kristin: Yeah, well, first and foremost, I am a huge, huge Tom Brady fan. Okay? I have been following his career. So my husband’s father, my father in law, decided to take his sons, his three boys to a game. You know, it’s the first week of the NFL. I’m going to treat my sons. This would be a great bonding time. But just the father and sons, and everyone would see the game except for the spouses.

Ayla Brown: So it was a boys only game.

Kristin: Right. And I don’t have a problem bonding experience. Like, that’s cool. But I’m the only true Patriots fan in the family and you don’t invite me. What is that?

Ayla Brown: Do they know that you are a Patriots fan?

Kristin: Oh, they know I have a tattoo of Tom Brady. I know it’s extreme, but I have the bedspread. I have the area rug. I have the Fan Cup.

Ayla Brown: Gosh, you might be the world’s biggest Brady If you have that man tattooed on your body. Then you are 100% should have been at that first game.

Kristin: Now I just lost it.

Ayla Brown: So are you mad? What are the emotions here? Because that’s what I’m hearing

Kristin: Livid. I was livid. I feel like it was just a slap in the face, honestly, because my father in law knows I have been planning for my husband and our kids to go. And he knew that from our family barbecues this summer that I really wanted to go. And all of a sudden he brings this up. And these are like really good seats. These aren’t nosebleed seats. He got some really good seats and we weren’t invited. He knows how much I would want to go to the Gillette Stadium. He knows how I felt. Like I cried when he went to the Buccaneers. You know what I mean?

Ayla Brown: Yeah. I think all of New England cried, but I’m really sorry you didn’t get to go to a game. I really am, but I guess. Okay, let’s throw it out there because you’re obviously really angry that you weren’t included. And my question to our listeners and no offense, Kristen, but is Kristen justified in her anger that her father in law decided to not ask any of his sons spouses, including Kristen, if they wanted to go to the game?

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