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Kendall’s husband thinks that they should continue to live in separate houses after they get married. Is that a red flag for their marriage? Can you be happy with someone and still live in separate houses?

Jonathan: And on the phone, we got Kendall. Hey, Kendall. Hi. So what is your problem, Kendall? What did you want to talk about today, Campbell?

Kendall: Well, so my fiancé and I were obviously engaged. And he suggested to me that we should live in separate houses.

Ayla: Wait, until you get married?

Kendall: No, after we get married.

Jonathan: After you’re married, like, forever?

Kendall: Yeah, like forever.

Jonathan: You mean like separate houses in different states too? Or are these houses next to each other?

Kendall: No, we’re not next to each other, but we’re maybe 30 minutes away from each other.

Jonathan: That’s not too bad,

Ayla: Does he have a really nice apartment or condo or place? And he just doesn’t want to sell it? That I could understand. But he’s suggesting you guys get married, you say your vows, and then when you go home at night, you each go home to a different house?

Kendall: Yes. That’s what he’s suggesting. Yeah.

Ayla: I thought I was conservative.

Kendall: My question is, is that a deal breaker? What should I do?

Jonathan: I don’t know. Kendall we will have the audience decide on that one. Is your fiancé wanting to sleep in a separate house? Is that a reason?

Ayla: There’s got to be a reason.

Kendall: Thank you.

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