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Carissa’s husband likes taking silly pictures and videos of their three year old. Last week he took a video of the baby holding a beer. Obviously it was just to be cute and they didn’t actually let the baby drink the beer, but people are now shaming her on social media for the video. Is Carissa a bad mother for even pretending? Would you ever take a picture of your baby holding a beer?

Ayla Brown: Good morning, Carissa. I hear that you’re in a little social media jail right now. Why? What happened with your son and your husband?

Carissa: My husband is really into taking funny videos of our children. And it’s mostly for us, Right? But we share them once in a while. He just likes putting them in funny situations. And in this one, we were grilling out and we were outside. My three year old was looking so cool with some sunglasses on and everything. So my husband prepares his dinner and puts it in front of him and then cracks open a can of Coors Light and also puts it down just because he’s just looking so cool.

Ayla Brown: I feel like your husband and my husband are the same person. My husband would do the same thing, like put a beer in front of the baby. What are you doing, Rob? Stop the baby will drink it.

Carissa: Obviously we’re not letting the baby drink the beer. And my husband cut the video right as he grabbed it and we’re like, Oh, no, no. And he cut the video before we really react to it. So people aren’t getting that context that we’re taking the beer away from the baby. We’re not letting the baby drink it.

Ayla Brown: Oh, sure. I see you put this video up of your baby. How old’s your baby, by the way?

Carissa: Three years old. I called my baby even though he’s a toddler.

Ayla Brown: Okay, that’s fine. So you put this video up of your toddler grabbing a Coors Light and putting it up to his mouth to almost drink it. But then you guys cut off the video so you can’t really see if the baby has taken a sip or not.

Carissa: Right. And so my husband posted it. But I’ve been getting so much backlash.

Ayla Brown: From who? What are they saying?

Carissa: I posted it on Instagram and Facebook and there’s just so many comments and they’re not nice as social media comments don’t tend to be. And some of my friends have even reached out to me to ask if everything is okay and why we’re giving our toddler alcohol. All right. I don’t really think it’s that big of a deal. I mean, I think my parents gave me a sip of beer when I was little.

Ayla Brown: They used to whiskey and cough sirup to make kids pass out. I mean, look how far we’ve come as a society, but we’ve gone backwards in so many ways. So let’s let’s help you out, Karissa. You just want to know from our audience, is this a big deal? Should you not put videos and photos like this of your children if they are doing things like grabbing beers and having fun and putting kids in funny situations? You’re okay with honesty, right?

Carissa: Carissa Oh, yes.

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