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Jacky found an app called “photo vault” on her husband’s phone which is used to keep pictures hidden so no one can see them. He says it’s only for pictures of her, but she has never sent him any pictures that need to be hidden. He also says he can’t show her because he “forgot the password” to his photo vault, so he can’t open it anymore. Should she be suspicious?

Jonathan: And today for panic button, we have quite the nosy girl here. We’ve got Jacky, who has a problem. You found a weird app on your husband’s phone.

Jacky: Hey. Yeah, I had my husband’s phone because I was ordering food through UberEats, and his account was all set up, and I noticed that he had this other app that I had never seen before. It was labeled PV. Weird, right? Do you know it?

Jonathan: I don’t know what PV means. Like photovoltaic?

Jacky: Yeah. Actually, Photo Vault.

Jonathan: Oh my God. I was talking about solar panels. So Photo Vault is what?

Ayla: Let me Google that okay.

Jacky: So it’s a place where you can put any kind of racy pictures or other pictures you don’t want other people to see.

Ayla: Yeah.

Jacky: If you’re worried about getting hacked.

Jonathan: Yeah. Okay. So he has this app called Photo Vault where you can save pictures in there. And why does he have that?

Jacky: Exactly why I talked to him about it. He was like, oh, well, you know, it’s just where I put pictures of you, honey.

Jonathan: Well, have you sent him pictures?

Jacky: No. And that’s the other thing. I’ve never sent him any kind of racy pictures or anything like that.

Ayla: Not anything racy.

Jonathan: Okay. Sorry. So you’ve never sent him pics or anything like that? I don’t know what people call it. He’s never sent you pics. That’s never happened. And so why does he have this app?

Ayla: Yeah, that’s what I want to know.

Jonathan: What did he say?

Jacky: He was kind of dodgy about it, honestly. I asked if I can see it to see if they’re pictures of me. And he was like, why do you want to see it? It’s just pictures of you on here.

Ayla: So he’s projecting now and gaslighting. You don’t trust me? Yeah. I don’t like this. I think there’s something in there.

Jonathan: Okay.

Jacky: I was persistent about it and he’s like, well, I forgot the passcode anyway even if I wanted to.

Ayla: He’s such a liar.

Jonathan: And really, I don’t know how you could reset a password?

Ayla: Then make him reset the password.

Jonathan: Yes, you could.

Ayla: Maybe he has a fetish on there that she doesn’t know about. Maybe those are the pictures. Dark web stuff like.

Jonathan: Okay, well, let me ask you.

Ayla: He has is something in there that he doesn’t want you to see.

Jonathan: I don’t know, I’m just trying to defend this somehow. Like he takes screenshots or something of something he likes online and he saves it. I don’t know, is he a good husband?

Ayla: Well, and then it bears the question. If it’s his phone and his private stuff, is it right to go through it. I mean, do people have the right to privacy?

Jonathan: Two things. One, is he a good husband?

Jacky: Yes.

Jonathan: Okay. Obviously a very good husband. And you never thought he was cheating? He’s always been good to you.

Jacky: Yeah, but I mean, clearly he’s lying or being sketchy about something.

Jonathan: Okay, the second thing is, would you, if you were able to get into this app without his permission, get into the app?

Jacky: I want to respect his privacy, but at this point, I feel like he’s lying to me.

Ayla: So the answer is yes. She totally would.

Jonathan: I feel like you should drop it, but that’s just me.

Ayla: Let’s ask let’s ask our audience, should she drop it or should she keep pressing and find the answers to all of her deep, darkest, burning questions that she has?

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