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Little adorable bunny rabbit with sun glasses stay on gray table with brown wood pattern as background

Andy’s mother discovered Etsy and accidentally sent his daughter a taxidermy stuffed rabbit but his daughter loves it and takes it everywhere with her. How does he convince his daughter to give up her new friend “Herbert” and tell his grandmother she didn’t send a toy but a dead taxidermy stuffed rabbit?

Ayla Brown: And good morning, Andy. How are you? I hear that we have to talk about an online purchase of some sort. What is going on in your world, your online world?

Andy: Oh, my God. I am freaking out. My mom went online. She’s new online, Like new with a cell phone.

Ayla Brown: Oh, beautiful.

Andy: And she discovered Etsy, you know? She called me like “you’re not going to believe what I found.” Oh, no mom, that’s like, ten years old, but it doesn’t matter. So I’ve got a little five year old girl, Abigail. She’ll be six in December. And, you know, she loves Grandma, which is great. And Grandma calls me because she bought Abigail a stuffed animal on Etsy. And I’m like, Cool. Yeah. Way to go, Grandma. What is it? And she goes, Well, it’s a little rabbit, and it should be come in the next few days, if not a week or less, and I’m just really excited about it. So a few days go by and a package does show up and I got to open it and oh, it’s a stuffed animal. Like a taxidermy stuffed rabbit.

Ayla Brown: What? Wait, you mean real? A legitimate stuffed animal?

Andy: Yeah. Somebody caught this rabbit, painted and stuffed it.

Ayla Brown: Oh, my God.

Andy: So here’s Abigail. I’m opening this package because Grandma sent this. We were excited. It’s a stuffed animal. Oh, my gosh. I opened it up literally sitting on my lap as I’m unboxing this thing, I open it up. I know what stuffed animals are and I know what taxidermy animals are. I freaked out. Okay? I pull this thing out. It is as real as life is.

Ayla Brown: I mean, what did Abigail think when you open it up out of the box?

Andy: She looked at me and she thought I was surprised. And I was surprised. But she fell in love with it immediately. “Oh, Dad, I want to hold it. Oh, Daddy, I want it.” You know, I’m nervous. I gave it to her and she’s in love with it. She named it Herbert.

Ayla Brown: Oh, my God, The rabbit.

Andy: That’s right. Here’s my problem.

Ayla Brown: What is your problem, Andy?

Andy: I don’t know what to do with my daughter, Abigail. She’s in love with this rabbit who’s a genuine real rabbit who’s dead and stuffed.

Ayla Brown: But alive in her life. Okay? Alive in her world?

Andy: Yeah. Showing it off to her friends. And they’re a little freaked out. I don’t even know how to tell Grandma. Mom, you bought her a real live rabbit.

Ayla Brown: I think that mom needs to monitor her internet purchases. Honestly, someone needs to go over there and see what her search history is like because taxidermy, dead animals and stuff. Oh, that looks good. Let me buy one for my granddaughter. I have some concerns. Thank you, Andy, and truly good luck.

Andy: Thanks. And I need it.

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