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Carly is pledging a sorority this semester and her mother told her that for homecoming she plans on coming to visit and she wants to stay at the sorority house with her. But Carly is horrified at the thought of her mother sleeping at the sorority house with her

Ayla Brown’s Conversation With Carly

Ayla Brown: And good morning, Carly. How are you? Oh, my gosh. I can’t believe it’s almost school season again and you are heading back to college. Congrats.

Carly: Thank you. It’s my sophomore year. Wow.

Ayla Brown: Where do you go?

Carly: I don’t really want to say where I go

Ayla Brown: Oh, okay. All right, then. I won’t press anymore. What are you calling about, then? Regarding college?

Carly: I’m going back for my sophomore year, like I said. And I’m pledging a sorority finally. I wanted to last year, but I didn’t make it happen. So I’m finally going back. And I know all the girls and it’s all situated. We’re moving into this amazing house. I’m so excited. The only thing is my mom told me that she wants to come for homecoming, which is a huge deal.

Ayla Brown: Yep. And when is that?

Carly: It’s in about a month.

Ayla Brown: Okay. Gotcha. And she wants to stay at the sorority house.

Carly: Yeah.

Ayla Brown: Alone? Or with your dad?

Carly: No, no, no. She wants to room with me at the house, and I just think that’s so weird. She’s in her forties and I’m new to this. Like, this feels weird.

Will Carly Even Get Into The Sorority House?

Ayla Brown: Do you even know you’re going to get into the sorority? Don’t you have to pledge and all that stuff?

Carly: Yeah

Ayla Brown: I’m assuming because you know all the girls, it’s probably going to be a shoo in. So you’re expecting to be in the sorority and your mother is expecting to stay with you. Why? Why doesn’t she get a hotel?

Carly: I don’t know. I feel like she wants to be a kid again. And she says, I pay for your college and, you know, I’m paying for you to live in the house. But first of all, like you said, I have to get in and I’m pretty sure I will. But if she’s there then that could be grounds for me not getting in. Like, how embarrassing is that? That your mom is going to bring you to college and, like, stay in the house? I’m like, you know what happens there right? You know, it’s a party.

Ayla Brown: I’m going to do a hot take. I’m taking your mom’s side. I am. Yeah, yeah, why not? I mean, come on, let her live a little. One weekend in college. She’s paying for the whole thing, you know. Let her sleep on the floor like a true college kid.

Carly: I mean, I wouldn’t be caught dead. I need your help. I need to figure out how to tell her that she needs to get a hotel…I need you to be on my side.

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