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Young Man Enjoying Massage At Spa

Audrey’s son hangs out at his best friend’s house after school pretty much every day. At least he did, before he told her that his best friend’s mom has been using him to practice for her massage license. She apparently has him take his shirt off every day after school so she can give him a massage. Would you be concerned if your teenage son told you that his best’ friend’s mom had been giving him daily massages?

Jonathan: Today we have Audrey on for the panic button. And it’s a very touchy subject. Audrey. What?

Audrey: Well, my 17 year old, he has been going over to his friend’s house after school, pretty much every day, and he came home to me with this news. His friend’s mom is training, I guess, to be a masseuse. And he told me that she’s been practicing on him.

Jonathan: So wait. Okay. Your son goes over this house every day.

Ayla: Is it every day?

Audrey: It’s like pretty much every night. Okay. At least when he doesn’t have sports practice.

Jonathan: And recently he just came home and said, hey, I was over at, what’s his friend’s name?

Audrey: John.

Jonathan: Okay. I was over John’s house. You know, John’s mom is training to be a masseuse. And she gave me a massage. She trained on me.

Ayla: Was it a full body?

Jonathan: Yeah, full body, like, shirt off or what?

Audrey: He said he had his shirt off. He was laying on her practice table and his head was down. And I guess she could do a little bit of full body as far as, like legs and arms went.

Jonathan: Okay.

Ayla: But he was clothed except for the shirt. I’m just trying to get it. And he’s 17.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Ayla: And she’s training. She’s actually in school to become a massage therapist. Which is a real thing. Do we have proof of that?

Jonathan: That’s a great question, Audrey. I mean, do we know? I mean, she wouldn’t have the table without.

Ayla: You never know.

Audrey: I want to trust this woman. You know, her son John is so sweet.

Jonathan: Okay. So what did you do? Your son tells you this. I mean, I would freak out. I would lose my mind. What did you say to him?

Audrey: I just told him he’s not allowed to go over there anymore after that.

Jonathan: Okay? You brought the hammer down. And what did he say? How did he react to this?

Audrey: Well, he said, you know, it was just with my shirt off. It was just my back. And he is an athlete. So, you know, he plays soccer and he’s been touched by a massage therapist as well.

Jonathan: We’ve all been touched.

Audrey: But it seems inappropriate. I cannot believe he came home to tell me that.

Jonathan: All right, well, I mean, you have a husband. How did he feel about this?

Audrey: My husband actually took his side.

Jonathan: Not surprising

Audrey: Yeah. Yeah.

Ayla: So this is somewhat inappropriate, but I’m a little torn because as a former athlete myself, I would get massages after shooting a basketball. You get sore and I still get massages and I love them so much. And if someone is like, hey, I know you have a game. Am I being groomed at that point? I would have taken the free practice massage as well, I think.

Jonathan: I mean, as a recovering, teenager, I also would probably take the massage for different reasons than what you’re saying.

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